Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A few firsts, and maybe some seconds!

Well, I have slacked on my blogging, so now I need to catch up. These have been some fun couple of weeks. Let see, where to start....

Karly- she loves to play with Hailey, especially baby dolls. However, about a week ago they decided to dress up and Karly put on one of Hailey's old dress up outfits. She was so cute, walking around as Cinderella and wearing a crown. So, that would be her First time playing dress-up. Another First for Karly was that she got her hair cut!!! Her hair pretty much grew straight in her face and then down the back, she sort of had a mini-mullet. She did so great and the stylist said, and I quote "she does better than most adults." I was so proud of my girl! The cut is perfect for her and I love it. I love my little peanut!

Kaleb- My sweet, handsome, totally awesome little boy started his First day of preschool last week!!! I just can't believe how he is growing up. Preschool is a little easier to let him go, since it is only half a day and he goes twice a week. But, I still got a little emotional when he said goodbye and hopped right out. He loves it, and has made some friends. Kaleb is great and I love him.

Hailey- She had a fantastic First week of school, and loves going. She has made a lot of new friends and is learning so much already. She has also started her Second season of soccer and last Saturday she scored her First goal!!! Not only did she score, but she played goalie and stopped 3 goals!! It was so HOT, but she didn't seem to mind. Hailey is funny to watch, b/c sometimes she is really into the game and the next she is off in "la la" land. Oh, I love her.

Stephen and I- Lets see, whats new with us.... Stephen has been working at home doing contract work for his old job, while still looking for a more permanent job. It is nice having him home during day. He still umpires at night for the city and occasionally delivers pizza for Domino's. He works so hard and I appreciate him so much, and I love him like crazy!!!! Last Saturday we had some coed volleyball at church and that was a blast. I forget how much I enjoy playing, and Stephen did awesome! I have also started my fall basketball league and I love it! It is so fun to go out and play some competitive basketball. I still play pick up ball at church as well. Life is good and we may have some stresses, but I couldn't be happier!!!

That about wraps up this post...enjoy the slide show!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I love being a parent!!

Seriously, being a parent is so AWESOME! Yes, yes I know sometimes it can be a little stressful, but the good totally out weighs the bad. To be honest, I believe my kids are the best, I may be a little biast, but really they are. Sunday was just one of those fantastic days to be a parent. So, each one of my kids did something to make the day even more wonderful.

Karly- As we are driving are to church, we(Stephen, me, and Hailey) were practicing a song that we might sing for sacrament, after a little bit it was just me and Stephen. As we were singing Karly was helping us by leading the song. Then after we finished she just smiled and clapped her hands. It made Stephen and I feel so great!

Kaleb- Well, as stated above we are learning a song to sing. Kaleb has pretty much refused to sing with us, but I was hoping that he might still be learning the song. Before we were going to say closing prayer at my parents we decided to sing, and guess what...Kaleb was singing the words!! We were so proud of him and he was so happy that we were happy.

Hailey-As we were driving home from church, Stephen and I asked the kids what they learned. They each told us and then Hailey asked us what we learned in our class. We told her that we are taking a class about families and how to be better parents. She says "why are you taking that, you are already the greatest parents." Stephen and I both were just overcome and told her thank you so much. The thing that made it even more wonderful was she said it so matter of fact, like we should already know this. She is such a sweetie!

Again, I state, that I have the bestest kids in the world and I love them like crazy!