Tuesday, August 11, 2009


OK, so I have been off the computer for a while, but I wanted to get a quick post out. The last few weeks have been busy with painting, building, cleaning, and packing! I am telling you, if you ever have to move and have 4 small children, send them away for at least a week:) You then might actually get things done. Actually, the kids were pretty good, but it was difficult to keep them entertained (and not just watching TV) while trying to accomplish anything. Thankfully, I have a super fantastic sis-in-law who took the 3 older kids for the weekend so I could finish packing and we could move without any problems. She seriously is a saint, she had her 2boys, and my 3 big ones, plus she is 8mo. pregnant!!! I know, she is superwomen! OK, I better give a big thanks to my brother as well, he did help with the kids and then came and helped with the move. I really have the best family, I am so blessed!! I guess you might have figured out that we moved and are getting settled in with my parents. I really cannot stand being unorganized, but I know I will get everything unpacked. I really appreciate my parents for allowing us to live here, it is so comforting to know how wonderful my parents are. Well, I think that wraps it up for now, I will hopefully get pictures up as soon as we are out of boxes:)

Oh, I also need to thank the R4 priesthood, they were AMAZING at getting everything out of our old house and into our new one. Seriously it only took about an hour and a half!!