Monday, April 28, 2008

spring cleaning and getting dressed

We had a good weekend and actually had a Saturday with nothing going on! It was nice to get up and realize that I didn't have anywhere to go. We took advantage and decided to get the house cleaned. I cleaned the upstairs and Stephen downstairs. The kids were really a big help. Stephen had made sock puppets, so we put those on the kids and told them that the puppets were dust monsters and needed to eat dust. They went all around dusting the house, it was great! Then they wanted to help wipe down the kitchen with Stephen, which they did. He gave them a wet paper towel instead of the actual cleaning wipe b/c Karly was helping and she would stick it in her mouth, which she did:) I got some good pictures of them helping in the kitchen. I was really impressed with all we got done and super impressed with the kids. After we cleaned I laid Karly down and Stephen took the other kids to the park to play baseball. Hailey is learning to bunt and does really well, and Kaleb just likes to hit and then run all the bases, and he sure can hit. We went to my parents house to dinner, b/c Stephen did have to referee that night. I came home and put the kids to bed and then some friends came over for a Twilight book discussion. Did I mention how much I love those books, it was so great to talk about them. Again, I cannot wait till book 4 comes out in August! Ok, ok enough with Twilight. Here are the cleaning pics. Just wiping away

Kaleb is so excited

Putting Karly to work early

Kaleb has been picking out his clothes and getting dressed all by him self. He usually does a good job. Sunday, however he comes downstairs and says "ok mommy, I am ready for church" I just started laughing and had to take a picture....

so handsome in his church clothes:)

I told him he was missing a few a things, and he just laughed. What a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baseball and Twilight

My parents got tickets to the Mudcats game on Monday and asked if Stephen, the kids I wanted to go. It was so much fun!! We had great seats,practically on the field at the 3rd base side. The kids loved watching the game, Kaleb can't wait to go be a baseball player. I am so mad b/c I forgot my camera so I can't post any pictures:( The kids loved seeing Muddy the team mascot and Hailey was so excited that she got to hug him. Hailey also was quite the dancer!! She was dancing every time the music came on and she actually got on the big screen so everyone could see her!! Karly just ate the whole time, she had a hot dog (yes, a whole hot dog), a bunch of fries, and some funnel cake!! I couldn't believe how much she ate. It really was great, and next time we go, I will bring my camera.

So, I am totally obsessed with the Twilight books. A lot of my friends had read them and said how good they were, so I decided to read them. I finished all three in a week!!! They are so good and I don't know if I can handle waiting till August for the 4th one to come out. They are filming the movie right now in Oregon and I can't wait to see that in December!! It is crazy how good they are. I really cannot stop thinking about it! Ok, so there is my little rant on Twilight, I hope you will go and read the books:)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Museum, Asparagus, and the park

well, last week Hailey's preschool class had a field trip to the science museum, so I took Kaleb and Karly, we had a blast. Hailey of course loved being with all her friends, she is such a social butterfly. Kaleb, Karly and I had way fun too, I was pleasantly surprised how much Karly enjoyed everything. I am posting some pictures of the excitement:)

Hailey with some of her class (notice the boys, Hailey informed me today that those were her boyfriends)

Hailey and Ellie

Karly is enjoying the little fish

Ok, so moving on to the asparagus, Karly loves asparagus. I mean loves, loves them, she pretty much ate the whole bundle that I bought for dinner the other night. She doesn't just eat them she inhales them. I really don't think I have ever seen a little kid eat something so green. Hailey always tries a bite and gags on them and Kaleb, well he says he likes them, but when I ask him to take a bite, he is a no go. I really couldn't believe how she ate them like it was candy.

Here she is munching away

Last but not least... the park. We went out to Shelley Lake today after I dropped Hailey off at school. We usually have a play group that meets each Thursday. I went walking with Karly, Kaleb decided to stay and play with some friends at the park. It was great! The weather was beautiful, and the kids were having fun. I finished my walk took Karly up to the park and let her play. So, they were just having fun and it was time for lunch. Most of the play group had left except for my friend Erin and her kids. We sat and ate lunch and Kaleb finished and went to play while Karly was still eating. So, I was chilling with Karly when I here... "I have to go potty!" being yelled across the playground. I knew it was Kaleb, so I gave Karly to Erin so I could get Kaleb up to the potty. I had just turned to get Kaleb when I went.."Kaleb! what are you doing?" Yes, he was peeing in the bush right at the front the park! I ran to get him, but he was already midstream, so I couldn't make him stop. He was like "what mommy?" "I had to go potty." Erin was just laughing and honestly so was I. It was funny. I went to get a napkin so he could wipe, which he did and then informs me that I need to wipe the bush too(I didn't). I told him next time we need to go to the inside potty and he went on his merry way! Oh the joys of having a boy, and Kaleb is 110% boy. I love my kids. Sorry, I didn't have my camera for the peeing incident.

Monday, April 14, 2008

New and Improved

OK, so as you can see my blog has been beautified! I really wish I could take all the credit for it but, I am not that talented with computer stuff. My totally awesome friend Christina helped me pick out the new background and load up the pictures (which she took, by the way). When we tried to change the background all my stuff got stretched out and out of place, so she fixed that and added some links to other friends pages... yea she is awesome! Then my wonderful husband came home from umpiring and designed our new header and uploaded that! He is the best:) I am now happy to show off our blog, thanks to Christina and Stephen!
Any who, today was a good day. Just another Monday of house cleaning and laundry. This weekend we (meaning Stephen) put our new computer desk together and we are almost done getting our house back in order. We got some new furniture, so we needed to clear out the old stuff. Saturday we watched the movie "August Rush" with my parents and that movie is great. I really wish I had some musical talent. I can play the piano..sort of, usually only the top hand to a song. Our Sunday was fun, the and then my parents house for dinner. Stephen and I played twister with my brother Kyle. Hailey played a couple of times and she was surprisingly really good! That girl can stretch and stay balanced! It really was loads of fun. Well, I can see I have typed a lot again. I hope to update more often so I don't type to much. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

just stuff

OK, so as you can see I haven't done too much with the blog. Every time I have tried to add pictures they are huge and look funny, so I am still working out the kinks. My friend is going to come over and help me sometime this week, but until then you all can just enjoy what I write:)
Monday we were able to get together with one of Stephens friends from his mission who just moved here about a month ago. We went over to there house and had family home evening and dessert. They have two kids and a baby on the way. It was so much fun and they live like 5min away. There kids are about the same age as Hailey and Kaleb so the kids had a blast. Anyway, while I was getting ready to go over there, my leg started itching really bad in the shower, but I didn't think much of it. I just thought it was a insect bite. Tuesday rolls around and I still itched, but again didn't think much of it. Hailey had fun being back at school, and it was a typical Tuesday. Stephen got home from work and realized he had rolled over a nail and had a flat tire(last week on Tuesday his car broke down, whats up with Tuesday and car trouble), but this was no biggie, put on the spare and get the tire repaired. We had dinner, the kids had a bath, and went to bed. I play basketball on Tuesday nights, so I left about 8:20. Basketball was alright, I got frustrated with some ladies, but that can be for another post. Any who, I took off my ankle brace and started itching again...I was like ok I really should wash this. By the time I got home, I was really itching and said I just need to take a hot shower and get clean. The shower did not help, but made it worse, the itching was so bad, I couldn't stand it. I was like Stephen, what is going on. My sweet husbands responds..." I don't know babe, do think it could be contagious?" So, no help from him, but he did help scratch my legs. So, I get out the shower and I have broken out in Hives!! I didn't know they were hives, till I went and looked it up online. Read what to do (which says do not take hot shower, causes hives to itch worse), took an antihistamine, rubbed on some cortisone and went to bed. Thank goodness they are gone this morning, but I still don't know what caused them, so I hope they don't come back! That was a fun experience, but not quite as fun as this morning..... Kaleb, apparently was up a lot during the night (my sweet husband gets up, b/c I don't hear a thing). He said he threw up, and this morning he threw up again, yes I was able to get him to the bathroom. He tried to eat a little bit of breakfast but wasn't in the mood. He seemed fine, no fever, just tired. We were getting ready to go upstairs and Karly was screaming about something so I picked her up...... Meanwhile, I noticed Kaleb and said "are you going to throw up", Kaleb says shaking his finger at me"no, mommy I don't need to throw up!" I told him to go the bathroom, but of course he knows better;) As, I am getting Karly upstairs I hear Kaleb.....he throws up in the middle of the hall!!! I knew it! I put the girls in their room, toss Kaleb in the tub, and call Stephen. I needed to vent out my frustrations. So, I was angry, Kaleb was crying, and the girls, thank goodness, were playing nicely in their room. As a side note, Resolve Carpet Cleaner.... STINKS!! I sprayed it immediately on the throw up stain and did just what it said, guess what, there is still a stain on the middle of my floor! Kaleb is fine, he hasn't been sick for the rest of the day. He probably just ate something that didn't sit right with him. The rest of the day was fine, and really nice since the weather warmed up. Now, my kids are in bed and Stephen and I can just relax with some popcorn and watch our shows!! I love my life:)

Friday, April 4, 2008

I'll give it a try

Ok, so I have decided to enter the wonderful world of blogging. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with it. I figure it is a good way to keep in touch with family and let them know how we are doing. Plus, it will just be something more for me to do in my crazy life:) However, I am confused on how everything works right now, so I don't know how interesting it will be. Well, my sweet husband is waiting for me so check back later.