Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beautiful Days

The weather has been so nice here, we can't help but be outside. On Thursday, Kaleb's preschool class went on a field trip to Blue Jay Point. It is a beautiful park and learning center. The kids learned all about animal habitats and then got to check out a cool pond where the saw salamanders, turtles and a snake. Kaleb was in little boy heaven! After there little pond adventure they played on the playground and had a blast. Kaleb was playing in the sand when he found a toad, which of course he immediately picked up and showed everyone. He loved it.

On Saturday we took a family outing to a yard sale, where the kids picked out books, and then we headed to Shelly Lake Park. I go to Shelly a lot, b/c the have a great walking trail and playground. I typically go after I drop Kaleb off at preschool and walk pushing the little two and then let them play when I am done. On Saturday we all went and let the kids bring their scooters or bike. I was so proud of Hailey and Kaleb, they rode their scooters all the way around the 2mile trail. Karly rode her bike about half way, which is awesome. Blake did great riding in the stroller:) We just had so much fun walking, riding and playing.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break

We had such a fun Spring Break while Hailey and Kaleb were out of school. It started off with a little mini vacation down to Holly Springs (30 min. away) where my fabulous brother Derek and his amazing wife Amber live. We stayed down there Monday and Tuesday playing and having a good ole time. Derek and Amber's boys are so great and my kids just LOVE playing with them. Thanks Derek and Amber for letting us stay with you:) On Wednesday the kids and I went to the Zoo with Amber and the boys. We have a blast at the Zoo. I think our favorite animals this time was the giraffe and ostrich, they were kinda of chasing each other. On Thursday when Stephen got off work we headed to the BEACH!!! It was FANTASTIC!! We went down to Emerald Isle and played. The weather was 80 degrees and perfect. We spent all day on the beach Friday and Saturday. The kids swam in the freezing cold water and built castles in the sand. Blake really liked the sand, so much so that he couldn't help but put it in his mouth. We also went the aquarium, and they had an egg hunt there where you had to find eggs in the different exhibits (my camera died while there). The kids loved it. Oh, and we played putt-putt one night after dinner. AHHH, I LOVE THE BEACH!! It really was such a great trip, and just a great Spring Break.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter with the family and enjoyed listening to conference.