Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It is Christmas Eve, and I love it! I hope everyone will have an amazing Christmas.

Here are pictures of the kids in their Sunday Christmas outfits and our Christmas card.

My beautiful Hailey

My handsome Kaleb

My adorable Karly

My amazing kids

My wonderful family!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

This past week has been busy, but also a lot of fun! I was going to just post the pictures with each event, but then just decided to do a slide show. Ok, on Sunday we had a little get together with some friends of ours and their families. First, the kids dressed up and acted out the nativity story. Hailey was Mary, Kaleb was Joesph and Karly was a little lamb:) Stephen was an angel, but I didn't get any pictures of that. The other kids there were Shepard's and wise men. All the kids did great and had a lot of fun. I was really proud of Hailey, Kaleb and Karly, b/c the listened to the story and did what they were supposed to. I loved watching them. After that we went and decorated gingerbread houses, which was awesome. The kids really did a good job, but also ate a lot of candy. I thought we took more pictures of the houses, but I only got Kalebs. It really was a fun night. Monday, for family home evening we read from the scriptures and then made some yummy pretzel candy. I have to say that a borrowed the pretzel candy idea from a friends blog(thank you Jessica). The kids did a good job and really had a blast making them. It was super easy and we loved eating them the next day. On Tuesday, Kaleb had a "Carol Sing" at his preschool, so Stephen, my dad, Karly and I went. Kaleb did sing, but only parts of the songs. He still looked very cute up there. I did get video and that is below.

Click to play Kaleb Jingle Bells
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Hailey has done these programs, but it was a lot fun to watch Kaleb do them this year. Also, on Tuesday, Hailey had a basketball game. Stephen is her coach and they have a great time. Hailey has some good skills, but she is also a little spacey:) I do love to watch her play though, here is a little video of her playing.

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On Wednesday we had the most exciting news!! We went the doctor for an ultrasound and found out we are having a.......BOY!!! We are all so happy, especially Kaleb. He kept saying that is MY baby brother, he is going to be my best friend. It was so sweet. Hailey and Karly are just as excited. So, now we are even 2 girls and 2 boys:) It was so cool to see the baby and listen to the heartbeat. He kept putting his fingers in his mouth, I loved it!!

Thursday the kids had dentist appointments and neither had cavities! The dentist said that the kids have great teeth. Sorry, I don't have pictures of that:) We really have had a great week and look forward to Christmas!!!! Whoo hoo, Christmas is in 6 days!! I love this time of year!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tent time!

Today Kaleb asked me if I would make a tent for him and Karly. I made the tent and they just sat in there reading for about 30 min. , it was great!

I did take a picture of the whole tent, but it got deleted. Karly is actually reading a cookbook, and Kaleb is reading Batman.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Before I begin, I just have to say that I am big fan of the REAL Christmas trees. I love walking in my house and smelling that wonderful pine smell. I love going to the tree lot with kids and finding that perfect tree each year. It is wonderful! Ok, so we finally got our Christmas tree last Monday, and then decorated it Saturday. It was a lot of fun and the kids loved it. Hailey and Kaleb did a good job hanging the ornaments and Karly really helped by just handing them to us. She didn't even really bother to put them on. I did decorate the house with the little decorations we have as well. I love Christmas time!!
Here is a picture of Stephen and Kaleb putting the star on the tree. (Hailey put the angel on my parents tree).

Monday, December 1, 2008

Random Things and Thanksgiving

Well, things around here are going alright. I guess you can say we are hanging in there. I would ask that you all would say some prayers for our family, as Stephen is out of a job. The company he was doing contract work for cancelled his contract suddenly, after telling him they wanted to extend the contract through January. We are doing ok, but would love the prayers. So, now on to some happier things...

About a week ago, I was getting the kids ready for bed and Kaleb looks at me and says, "Mommy, you're prettier than sparkles." It just made me feel so good. My little boy is such a sweetie!

On Monday Hailey lost her first tooth, finally. I say finally b/c this tooth has been loose since September! The girl was so excited. It was like, this was the most exciting thing that ever happened. She put the tooth under her pillow and the tooth fairy gave her 4 quarters. No other teeth are loose, but she does check everyday.

I love Thanksgiving, it really is one of my favorite holidays. I think it is b/c my mom cooks the best dinner ever, and we all hang out as a family. This Thanksgiving was wonderful! We stared off the day watching Stephen play in the turkey bowl with men from our ward. Stephen did great, and had a lot of fun. The kids had fun riding their bikes and scooters around the track at the field. After that we showered, packed our bags and headed to my parents. My mom was already under way with the food and so we ate a light lunch and watched some football. I made the chocolate pie and my mom finished up the cooking. I do have to add that my dad makes the best sweet potato casserole and that is something I also look forward to:) Dinner was fantastic and I ate so much! After dinner had settled we had some pie and watched "Get Smart". Then off to bed early, b/c my mom and I get up to go shopping on Friday!
Black Friday is so much fun to me. My mom and I get up around 4:30am and head to Wal-mart. We do not wait in line and usually get toys and maybe a few other things. It was crowded, but nobody was pushy or rude, and we really didn't have to wait to check out. Next, we head to Target, which is always so nice! They have a ton of people working, who are ready to help when you need it. I easily got what I needed and was done by 7:30am. We also go the mall, but wait till later and take the kids and husbands with us. It was great and I got all my Santa gifts and all of Stephens gifts. The weekend was fun and now I am looking forward to Christmas!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My big, fat, swollen ankle

So, on Thursday the 6th while playing basketball I rolled my right ankle. I have rolled my left ankle about 4 times, but nothing like this. I have just now started to walk without a limp, but still have a hard time getting up the stairs and balancing on that foot. When it happened it hurt, but I seriously thought no biggie I've done this before, but I obviously really trashed it. I did have it x-rayed and thank goodness it was not broken and I actually have been going to a chiropractor for rehab.(side note, if you live in the Raleigh area, Hahn Family Chiropractic is AWESOME!!). Anywho, thank goodness for my amazing husband who for the first few days, pretty much carried me everywhere! He is so wonderful:) And a big thanks to my parents for helping out so much. I think what bugs me the most and that I can't play basketball for about a month, maybe longer:( I just have to wear ankle braces on both feet now. I have posted some pictures for you to see my big, fat, swollen ankle!

ankle the night of the sprain and the ankle the next morning

big, fat, and swollen and the lovely bruise that only got worse

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time to Catch Up!!!

WOW! I have been so lazy with the blog. It just seemed like every time I wanted to blog, something else came up or I just didn't want to do it. So, now you can just sit back and enjoy the update. OK, lets see.... mission, baby, birthday, beach, fair, and Halloween. Here I go!

Mission- Well, my little brother Kyle left for his mission early on Oct. 15th. We had a family dinner at Outback the night before, and then went to the Stake President where he was set apart. It was really neat because the kids were there to see him get set apart and then after say goodbye. All the kids gave him hugs and told him they would miss him, but Hailey would not let go. She just kept holding on, and Kyle started crying which made me cry. It was such a sweet moment. The next morning, my parents came to get me at 5am and we left for the airport. Since it was so early, my 2 older brothers, my parents, and I were the ones to go see him off. We gave our hugs, shed a few more tears and said goodbye. Kyle is doing great and is now in Colorado. I am so proud of him and I love him tons!

Baby- Hmmm, what could baby mean?? Oh yeah, I am pregnant....again:) Yes, that is right baby #4 is on the way. I had my first doc. appt. on Oct.15th and everything is going great. My due date is May 23rd. I have to say that this pregnancy was a surprise, but I guess Heavenly Father knew this little spirit needed to come. I haven't been feeling to great, but that is slowly fading as I am now approaching 12wks. The kids are super excited and cannot wait for their new baby to come.

Birthday- So, Oct. 15th was a busy day, b/c that was also my birthday!! I am now 25 yrs. old! My birthday was fantastic, thanks to my wonderful husband who totally spoils me. He stayed up late and decorated the house for me, made me strawberry pancakes for breakfast, scheduled me for a haircut at the salon, took me out to dinner, and got me my favorite dessert... cookie cake:) oh, he also got me flowers and took care of the kids and I didn't have to lift a finger!! Yea, sorry ladies he is all mine! And, he bought me the Harry Potter movies, and some new work out pants. Seriously, he is the greatest!! My family also spoiled me, the gave me some more movies that I had wanted and my parents bought me some new camp chairs. It was a fantastic birthday!!

Beach- My family had a free weekend at a beach house, so we went Oct. 16th -19th. It was wonderful. That Friday the weather was great and we sat on the beach all morning. The adults played football (Stephen, my dad and I won) and the kids played in the sand. Stephen and my brother Brent went in the ocean and Hailey soon followed. It was too cold for me! That night, we celebrated my birthday, my mom and my nephew Sean's birthday. Saturday, the temperature dropped and it was rainy, but we still had fun. We went to the aquarium, and a boat museum, and then out to dinner. Sunday we went to the point of Emerald Isle and the kids flew kites. It was such a fun, relaxing trip!

Fair- Oh how I love the NC State Fair!!! It is seriously one of my favorite things to do in October. We got there at noon and left at 10:30pm. It was a blast. The kids rode rides, played with the animals, got loaded up with stickers, and we all ate lots of delicious foods! My favorites this year were the ham biscuits (as usual) and the ribbon fries, which were a mix between potato chips and fries, YUM! Of course I have craved them ever since and can't get them anywhere! The highlight for me is the FIREWORKS!! This is why we stay all day. I would love to drive out to fair grounds every night just to see them! It was a fabulous day and I can't wait for next year!

Halloween-This was good Halloween. The kids had decided what they wanted to be and actually didn't change their minds. Kaleb was Harry Potter, Hailey was Hermione, and Karly was crookshanks(Hermione's cat). They looked awesome!!! We went to my parents neighborhood first and took the kids around, and then headed to our ward party. Kaleb won the costume contest and was so happy. I think he was more happy to get the trophy. The kids played some games, Hailey won a 2liter soda for the ring toss, they went through the spook alley, which Kaleb did not like, and then did Trunk-or-Treat, where they got loads more candy! Karly was so cute she would hold out her bucket, smile when she got candy, and then did the sign language for thank you. Oh, and Stephen was a basketball player and I was a referee, I know very original for us:) Overall it was a great Halloween!

Oh my goodness, that was a lot of typing. I have just put together a slide show of everything so I hope you enjoy!

Click to play
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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We love to dance!!!

OK, As I said yesterday I have some silly videos. Our family loves music and we love to dance, so while Stephen was rockin out, I decided to film him:) I wish we had sound on our camera, but the song he is dancing too is "Teenage Wasteland" by The Who (which my kids love and sing it) and the second video, Stephen knew I was recording , but still wanted to bust it out with Hailey anyway. Karly also wanted to join the fun. Kaleb was dancing, but didn't want to be on camera. The song on that video is "Girlfriend" by Avril Levine. Oh, Stephen is wearing a bike helmet, and yes he still is smokin hot!

Again, I wish there was sound, but they are still fun anyway!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So, I have totally slacked on my blogging!! I have just been so blah lately. Things are stressful,I haven't been feeling great, and I have just been a tad lazy. OK, there are my excuses:) I actually can't do a long post right now, b/c I leaving to go to basketball in like 2 min. But, I wanted to post something and let everyone know, I am still here. I should be able to post tomorrow and I have some silly videos...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A few firsts, and maybe some seconds!

Well, I have slacked on my blogging, so now I need to catch up. These have been some fun couple of weeks. Let see, where to start....

Karly- she loves to play with Hailey, especially baby dolls. However, about a week ago they decided to dress up and Karly put on one of Hailey's old dress up outfits. She was so cute, walking around as Cinderella and wearing a crown. So, that would be her First time playing dress-up. Another First for Karly was that she got her hair cut!!! Her hair pretty much grew straight in her face and then down the back, she sort of had a mini-mullet. She did so great and the stylist said, and I quote "she does better than most adults." I was so proud of my girl! The cut is perfect for her and I love it. I love my little peanut!

Kaleb- My sweet, handsome, totally awesome little boy started his First day of preschool last week!!! I just can't believe how he is growing up. Preschool is a little easier to let him go, since it is only half a day and he goes twice a week. But, I still got a little emotional when he said goodbye and hopped right out. He loves it, and has made some friends. Kaleb is great and I love him.

Hailey- She had a fantastic First week of school, and loves going. She has made a lot of new friends and is learning so much already. She has also started her Second season of soccer and last Saturday she scored her First goal!!! Not only did she score, but she played goalie and stopped 3 goals!! It was so HOT, but she didn't seem to mind. Hailey is funny to watch, b/c sometimes she is really into the game and the next she is off in "la la" land. Oh, I love her.

Stephen and I- Lets see, whats new with us.... Stephen has been working at home doing contract work for his old job, while still looking for a more permanent job. It is nice having him home during day. He still umpires at night for the city and occasionally delivers pizza for Domino's. He works so hard and I appreciate him so much, and I love him like crazy!!!! Last Saturday we had some coed volleyball at church and that was a blast. I forget how much I enjoy playing, and Stephen did awesome! I have also started my fall basketball league and I love it! It is so fun to go out and play some competitive basketball. I still play pick up ball at church as well. Life is good and we may have some stresses, but I couldn't be happier!!!

That about wraps up this post...enjoy the slide show!

Click to play My Cute Kids
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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I love being a parent!!

Seriously, being a parent is so AWESOME! Yes, yes I know sometimes it can be a little stressful, but the good totally out weighs the bad. To be honest, I believe my kids are the best, I may be a little biast, but really they are. Sunday was just one of those fantastic days to be a parent. So, each one of my kids did something to make the day even more wonderful.

Karly- As we are driving are to church, we(Stephen, me, and Hailey) were practicing a song that we might sing for sacrament, after a little bit it was just me and Stephen. As we were singing Karly was helping us by leading the song. Then after we finished she just smiled and clapped her hands. It made Stephen and I feel so great!

Kaleb- Well, as stated above we are learning a song to sing. Kaleb has pretty much refused to sing with us, but I was hoping that he might still be learning the song. Before we were going to say closing prayer at my parents we decided to sing, and guess what...Kaleb was singing the words!! We were so proud of him and he was so happy that we were happy.

Hailey-As we were driving home from church, Stephen and I asked the kids what they learned. They each told us and then Hailey asked us what we learned in our class. We told her that we are taking a class about families and how to be better parents. She says "why are you taking that, you are already the greatest parents." Stephen and I both were just overcome and told her thank you so much. The thing that made it even more wonderful was she said it so matter of fact, like we should already know this. She is such a sweetie!

Again, I state, that I have the bestest kids in the world and I love them like crazy!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fishing and Shooting, Beach trip,Soccer,Birthday, and School...Whew!

So, I know you all have been waiting to see what is going on in the life of the Beckstrand family. Well, wait no more... here goes!
Fishing and Shooting- a few weeks back Stephen took the kids out to do some fishing in a pond and then shoot some guns. My dad, brother Kyle, and other brother Derek and his family all went. I wanted to go, but I already had plans to take a friend out to lunch for a baby shower. The kids had a blast!! Both Hailey and Kaleb caught a fish (Karly just walked around and watched), and both shot a pistol and a rifle! Stephen, said they did really well and Kaleb especially loved the "shoot guns". I can't wait to go with them next time
Beach Trip- My fabulous mother and I took our annual mother/daughter trip down to Myrtle Beach and had so much fun!!! My mom wanted to go before she had to get back to school, so we took off and left the husbands and kids at home!! We had two beautiful days at the beach and enjoyed every minute of it. We went out to dinner, watched a baseball game and went to the movies. I think the highlight for me (next to the beach, of course) was staying up till 2am watching the Olympics together and laughing because we couldn't get to sleep. Oh, good times. I love my mom so much, she is the BEST!
Soccer- Hailey started soccer last Saturday and she did great! It was so HOT!! Her team has a little practice before they scrimmage each other. They rotated positions, and she got to be goalie. She did so well and stopped the other team from scoring. I was very proud of her. I forgot to get some pictures up, but I will get more later.
Birthday- My little brother Kyle turned 19 this past Sunday. I can't believe it!!! We had a fun celebration on Saturday with the family. We all went bowling and then went back to my parents house for ribs and cake. YUM YUM! Bowling was so fun. The kids were hilarious getting their bowling balls down the lane. It seemed to take forever for them to hit the pins. And then they were going so slow, I was afraid they wouldn't knock any down. No worries though, they did great! I still can't believe he is 19 and leaving for his mission in October!! love ya Kyle.
Ah, last but not least School- my baby, my Hailey started Kindergarten!! I think that it finally hit me that she is growing up. She didn't want me to walk to her in, she wanted to do the carpool. So, I pulled up, said goodbye and off she went, and me... I pulled off crying. Hailey is such wonderful girl and I am so proud of her.
Well, that about wraps it up, hopefully I won't wait so long to post next time. Enjoy the slide show.
Click to play August fun!
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Proud to be an American!!! and Colorado

I am having so much fun watching the Olympics. It actually has surprised me how excited I get. Last night watching the men's relay swim team, I was jumping up and down cheering for them and I was so so so thrilled when they won, it was amazing to watch. I am so proud to be a American and it makes me happy to see these athletes representing our country!!! GO TEAM USA!!!!

So, you may be wondering what is up with Colorado, well......... that is where my totally awesome brother Kyle is going on his MISSION!!! He got his letter today and my parents took it to him where he works. They graciously waited for my other brother Brent, me and the kids, and Stephen to arrive before he opened it. Then we called my brother Derek and Kyle opened his letter! It was so amazing to see the signature of the prophet and know that Kyle is going to where the Lord wants him to be!!! I am so proud of my little brother, although he isn't so little anymore. My kids adore him and I am so thankful he is setting a good example to them and serving the Lord. Kyle is going to be a great missionary and I am going to miss him. Good thing he doesn't leave till October. Oh yea, he actually leaves on my birthday!! What a great present!! I love you Kyle!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Basketball and Twilight!!!

So, we had a fun weekend. I went to the Breaking Dawn release party Friday and got my book. And, Saturday Stephen had a basketball tournament. Ok, so Breaking Dawn,(and no I will not give out spoilers), my friends and I got together Wednesday and made shirts to wear to the party and had a blast doing it. Friday, I went to Barnes and Noble and met up with my friends and enjoyed the festivities of the evening. I got my book at midnight and started reading...I was only planning to stay up till 2:30am, but I didn't go to sleep till about 4:45am!!! Crazy I know, but I didn't want to put it down. Saturday rolls around and my truly wonderful husband brought me breakfast in bed, so I could read!! Yes, he is that great!!! I read pretty much all morning and most of the afternoon(Stephen, brought me lunch too)!! Then we headed to the basketball tournament to watch Stephen(more details later). After a long,but enjoyable day of basketball I went home to read and no, I was too tired to stay up past 11pm. I did read Sunday before church and then finished the book Sunday after church! Whew, that was a lot of reading, but well worth it. I was surprised by the book, but really loved it!!!! All this reading would not have been possible without my amazingly fantastic hubby. He entertained the kids all weekend so I could just read!!! He is the best!!

Here is the "Vampire Girl" shirt I made

Ok, my other favorite thing...Basketball!! I love to play and I love to watch, especially Stephen!! A friend of ours asked Stephen to play with him and some other guys from the Stake in a Hoops for Hope Charity basketball tournament. It was an all day thing. Stephen wasn't supposed to be there till 3pm. However when we got there his first game wasn't until 4:20pm. We stayed and watched. Then we find out they were running behind, but we stayed anyway and I took the kids to a playground there. His game didn't start till 6:00pm!! It was a good game though, they were playing the champs from last year, and they killed them by 30pts.!!! Stephen didn't miss a single 3 pointer ( he had six total), and scored about 28pts. After that game they had another game right after it. They won, but it was a little closer. Stephen still did awesome and scored the lay up to pull them ahead!! Next the championship, but they did get a break. So, it was about 8pm, and we took the kids home and put them to bed and my neighbor came over so I could to the game. The championship was really close, and the guys were tired,but....they WON!!!! and again Stephen scored the last bucket to pull ahead!!! I was so proud of my hubby and I love watching him play.

Stephen and the rest of the team!! Way to go guys!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So, last week my family went down to Emerald Isle, NC for the week!! It was so much fun and I loved every minute of it. We, of course, went to the beach everyday, went swimming in the pool, played putt-putt, went to Cape Lookout on Harkers Island, had fun at the aquarium, went to Fort Macon, NC, and overall had a super fantastic time!!!! I loved being there watching my kids play and enjoying the sand and sun. Karly loved the sand, but not so much the ocean. She did enjoy the pool, especially walking off the edge and going under. She did that about 100 times. It was so funny to watch her. Kaleb loved the ocean and seriously just dived right in and let the waves knock him down, and then he would get up and do it again. He really enjoyed the body board and actually would stand up on it, to try to surf (I am bummed I didn't get any pictures of that). He really had good balance, I was so amazed how long he could stay up on the board. Hailey loved it all!! She actually would go out in the ocean with me and float over the waves and dive under them. She swims so well!!! It really was so AWESOME!! I am so grateful for my parents for making this trip happen and so thankful I have a wonderful family to enjoy the trip with. We decided to do this trip as kinda of a last big family get together before Kyle leaves on his mission in the early fall. I am so glad we did this trip because it makes me realize even more how blessed I am to have this family, they really are amazing! There are a lot of pictures in the slide show, but I hope you will look at all of them, b/c they are all good:)

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 4th and Our big 5yr old!

Well, we had a fantastic 4th of July!! We spent about 3hrs at the pool, having a jumping contest and just playing around. It was so fun!! After that we had dinner with my parents, Brent and the Elders. My dad fixed his fabulous hamburgers and grilled brats as well. Then my mom made homemade pie, yum yum!! After dinner we headed out to the fireworks. I love fireworks, and I look forward to seeing them every year on the 4th and at the NC State Fair. So, I was extremely disappointed when a big storm came through and they cancelled the show:( We were already there, chairs up, blanket out and we could just see the clouds rolling in. We did however see a good lighting display:) I hope you enjoy the slide show

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My Hailey is growing up..she is now 5yrs old!! It really doesn't seem possible to me that I have a 5yr old. Hailey is such a wonderful girl, so caring and loving. She is a great blessing in our family! Hailey was so excited for her birthday and couldn't wait for the day to come. She picked cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and after breakfast went upstairs to get her "pretty" clothes on. Then I took her to the mall to get a stuffed kitty at The Bear Mill (exactly like Build-a-bear). After that we went shopping and she picked out an outfit, then we got some cookies for later. When we got home, Stephen was waiting to take the kids to my parents house, while I finished the cake and wrapping presents. My parents had their house set up like a theater for Hailey,Kaleb and Sean. They loved it!!! They got tickets and everything. When the movie was done everyone came back to our house for pizza,presents and cake!! Hailey got pretty much everything she wanted, plus a few a guitar!! She loves that thing, and plays it all the time. Uncle Kyle is teaching her how to play. Overall is was a AWESOME day for an AWESOME girl! Hope you enjoy the slide show:)

Click to play

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Splish Splash

We love the pool!! We seriously go everyday. Hailey is such a little fish!! She can swim so well, she does the backstroke and freestyle excellent. I am really proud of her. She will just jump in and start going. Kaleb loves jumping in, as long as he has his float. He can swim without it, but would rather have it. Also, this kid can hold his breath....he will go under to get the dive sticks and I am so surprised how long he stays down! Karly is so chill in the water. She will try to swim as long as you are holding her and she will jump to you from the side. Most of the time she plays on the stairs, just dropping and picking up the dive sticks. I am so thrilled that all my kids love the water and aren't afraid of it. We love taking them swimming and watching them play, it is so much fun!!!!

little photographer

I went to upload pictures the other day, and this is what I found on the camera.....

Hailey is apparently quite the photographer! Look how well she posed her subjects, and they are all smiling. She is so talented:)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Karate, Bumps, and The Mudcats

Well, this is going to be a pretty long post, mainly b/c of the pictures. I hope you will stick with reading it:) First....Karate! Hailey and Kaleb have been taking Karate for a little over a month now and they love it. Last Friday they had a promotion ceremony and both kids received new belts. They now have yellow stripe belts. I am so proud of them, they really do such a good job listening to the sensei (teacher) and following directions. Plus, they both are really good!! It is so fun to watch them do punches, kicks and blocks. Here are the pics of the ceremony, sorry some are a little blurry. Kaleb getting his new belt
Kaleb shaking hands w/ the Karate Master and Hailey getting her belt
My little Samurais
You better watch out

OK, second....Bumps! Monday night the kids and I went to watch Stephen umpire his last game of the spring season. We had to leave early b/c a big storm came through, but we still watched most of the game. Stephen had to stay and wait to make sure the game was going to be canceled for sure. So, I took the kids home and got them all ready for bed, PJ's on, teeth brushed, etc... We said our family prayer and then started giving hugs. Well, Kaleb was going to hug Karly, but Hailey was hugging Karly, and he didn't want to wait. I told him to be careful and don't pull on her, just be patient... he wasn't and he pulled at her and then kind of pushed her down ( it was an accident) and her head hit the wall. OUCH!! She was bawling and her head immediately bruised and swelled up. Hailey and Kaleb were both crying b/c they were scared, I think mostly of me:) and worried for Karly. At that point, Stephen came home and helped me get everyone calm and thankfully Karly did not have a concussion. By the way, Karly is one tough chick!!!

Here are a couple of pics... they don't do it justice, it was a lot worse
Here is Kaleb giving his sister loves and feeling really bad for hurting her
And last but not least.....The Mudcats! Tuesday, my whole family (minus one) went to The Mudcats baseball game. It was a blast!! The kids loved being with their cousins just cheering, laughing, and dancing. You should have seen Hailey dance, she gets so into it and does quite well:) Also, the kids would laugh when they did a silly noise over the sound system, like if a batter hit a foul ball. It was so funny and they had they people sitting around us laughing too. They are so silly sometimes. It really was so much fun and I can't wait to go again!
Karly climbing the rails waiting to go into the game
The kids having fun! Me and my boy
My super fabulous and beautiful parents!! I love them so much!!!!!
I hoped you enjoyed reading!!!