Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Splish Splash

We love the pool!! We seriously go everyday. Hailey is such a little fish!! She can swim so well, she does the backstroke and freestyle excellent. I am really proud of her. She will just jump in and start going. Kaleb loves jumping in, as long as he has his float. He can swim without it, but would rather have it. Also, this kid can hold his breath....he will go under to get the dive sticks and I am so surprised how long he stays down! Karly is so chill in the water. She will try to swim as long as you are holding her and she will jump to you from the side. Most of the time she plays on the stairs, just dropping and picking up the dive sticks. I am so thrilled that all my kids love the water and aren't afraid of it. We love taking them swimming and watching them play, it is so much fun!!!!

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cat said...

Scott loves the pool too. He makes the funniest faces when we dunk him under the water.