Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I did it!! and Snow again!

Yesterday Karly put on both of her shoes all by herself! She had just been getting one on and then bringing the other one to Stephen or I, but she did both of them all by her self. She was in such a hurry to get outside and play that she went right over after breakfast and put them on. To bad she didn't have any pants on, but we were still proud. It is so nice to have all the kids get shoes on without help, it makes my day a little easier.

We also had another snow day yesterday!! I cannot believe we had snow in March! It wasn't as much as last time, but it sure was fun. Stephen and the kids had fun sledding, eating snow, and throwing snowballs. I did not get out this time, my snow clothes do not fit anymore:).

I am glad that we had snow, but I am really ready for things to warm up and stay warm!

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Sarah and Devin said...

That first picture of Karly cracked me up!! She is getting so big!