Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 4th and 5th

We had an awesome 4th of July!! We spent the whole day at my parents working around the house and yard, and Stephen helped build the new shed for my dad. After a long, hard working day we had the best hamburgers, courtesy of my father:) Followed by a yummy watermelon. Then we headed off to the fireworks!!! I love fireworks and these were awesome!! The kids had a blast playing football and doing sparklers while we waited. All the kids loved the fireworks, except for Karly. She had her eyes closed the whole time, and clapped as soon as they were over. It was so funny! Blake just slept through them. I really love July 4th and I am so proud to be an American!!!

July 5th was also a fantastic day, it was Hailey's 6th birthday!! I can't believe that she is 6yrs. old. She is such an amazing girl and I am so glad to be her mommy. Since her birthday was Sunday we just had her family party and she will be having her friend party in a couple of weeks. It was pretty neat to have it on Sunday, b/c she gave a talk in Primary and then they sang to her. She loved it. After church we always go over to my parents house and when we got there my wonderful mother went above and beyond decorating for her party. Hailey loved it and was so happy. She wanted mac and cheese for dinner and then pound cake with strawberries for her cake. She enjoyed all her presents, especially her new bike. She had been riding on her little 12in and now has a 20in. She loves it and does so well riding it. Hailey is such an awesome girl, she is very sweet and is always helpful around the house. I love her so much!!!!

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