Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Blue Card

Friday when I picked Hailey up from school, she jumped in the car and said... "Mommy, I got a blue card today!!". I was so proud of her!! Oh, you don't know what a blue card is?? In her class they have a flip card system to follow their behavior. They have different colors (blue green, orange,yellow, and red) that go with how the student was acting that day. If the student wasn't making good choices they have to flip their card down. Hailey has wanted so bad to earn a blue card, b/c that card is the best. Here is a little excerpt from the newsletter I got at the beginning of the year explaining about the blue card.

-Each day the students will start on their green card, because each day is a brand new chance to make good choices. The blue card will be awarded sparingly, on a day that a student is ‘going above and beyond’ to make great choices in our classroom. Those choices not only benefit themselves but others too.

She always has a green card, which I am so proud, but Friday she did it, she earned a blue card!!! She was proud of herself and that makes me even more happy! love ya Hales!


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