Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Times

It seems like time will go by and I have nothing to post, and then everything happens at once and I can't find time to post! So, a couple of weeks ago was pretty busy for us, we celebrated my birthday... the big 2-6! It was so fun! Stephen really spoils me. We had a little family party Thursday night with my favorite pizza (papa johns) and then Stephen took me out to dinner on Friday night. The kids all made me really sweet cards and each got me a box of Junior Mints (yum)! I got some other really great stuff from Stephen and my parents. Thanks all for a wonderful birthday. Then on Friday I took all the kids to the NC Zoo with my friend Stephanie and her kids. It was so much fun!! The kids had a blast and I loved it too! We really enjoyed seeing all the animals. You will see in the slide show a picture of an elephant. Well, the elephant started out far away, so we told the girls (Hailey and Rachel) to make elephant sounds. They started doing it and the elephant came running towards us!! It was AWESOME!! All the kids were thrilled. After the zoo we got home and I rushed to get ready for my date with Stephen. We had a great dinner and enjoyed our evening out. Then on Saturday we went fishing and shooting for my nephew Sean's birthday. All the kids caught fish and just enjoyed playing with each other. After the fishing we went shooting. The kids are good shooters and Stephen and I aren't half bad either:) I have to say I was most impressed with Karly. She is so little, but got right up there and shot really well. She listened to to Jim (Sean's pop pop) and did great! I am so proud of my little shooters. After we went shooting we came home rested for a bit and then went to Sean's house for his party. On Sunday we had a big family party for my mom (her birthday was also on Saturday) and me. It is so fun to have everyone together. I love my family tons!! OH, I can't leave out Kyle (Elder Garrison), on my birthday he hit the 1 yr. mark!! Only 1 more to go. Way to go Elder Garrison we love you, miss you, and are so proud that you are serving the Lord. I think that about wraps it up for now. I do have a lot more to post, but I didn't want to have like 100 pictures, so I am just going to divide them up:)

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Kourtney Paige said...

Your cute kids are getting so big! Thats awesome that you took them shooting, I really don't think I've ever shot a gun!

Three Men and a Little Lady said...

You guys seem to be doing so great far away!! Miss you, and I'm glad your birthday went well.

Penny said...

I know what you mean about things happening all at once. But, thank goodness that we have these Blogs to keep everyone up to date. I love them. I'm glad you guys are all doing good. Love ya and Happy Halloween!