Sunday, February 7, 2010

Future All-Star

Thursday was Hailey's last basketball game and she had a great season. I really like watching her play and seeing her try her very best. She is quite funny about playing though. Some games she will be really in to it, and will block shots, get steals, and get open, but other times she is out playing with her hair, or laughing with a friend. As long as she is having fun it is great. I tried very hard to record her games, but I am awful at filming, and with the other 3 with me it just didn't work out. So, I just a got a few pictures and one video of her defense in a game and one of her making a basket during warm-up. She didn't make a basket in a game, but she never really got the ball that much, and when she did she usually passed it. Hailey did really well on defense and I loved when she would block a shot or get a rebound.

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Penny said...

AWESOME! Way to go!