Sunday, August 22, 2010

To the Mountains We Go!

Last weekend we had a fabulous trip to Asheville, NC!! I always LOVE going to the mountains, it is so beautiful up there and I get to see my wonderful aunt Ellen, her partner Meg, and usually their beautiful daughter Anna. Sadly, Anna had already left for college in Alabama, but we did get to Skype with her so that was fun. We had decided back in June we wanted to go up there to visit Lake Lure Beach and just hang out with family. Lake Lure Beach was so AWESOME!! They have a spray park, water slides, and of course a Lake:) The kids had a blast and we really liked that grandma, papa, and aunt Ellen were there. I am not a big fan of lake water, but I did like the spray area and I did venture out to play with kids. Kaleb wanted to the water slides so bad, but he was like half an inch to short:( So only Hailey went down the slides and she loved it! We had great weather up until lunch, then it poured rain, but we had been there a couple of hours so we just headed out. We hope to go back there next year to play some more!

After the lake we went back to my aunt's house and rested up till dinner. We had pizza for dinner and then headed to downtown Asheville. We didn't know they were have a festival downtown, but we were glad to find out:) They had a bunch of blue grass bands, and cloggers. They even had an area for kids to dance. All the kids got out there and danced it was great!!! Hailey even made a couple of new friends and dance around with them. It was such a great night!!

Thanks so much Ellen and Meg for letting us stay with you!! We had a BLAST!!! I can't to go back again!!


Jenny Ramsey said...

i have family in ashville also. ya know katie, one of these days we are going to have to get our families together! where did this summer go?

Penny said...

Looks like fun! When does school start for you guys? We've been in since the 11th.

Sarah and Devin said...

what a fun trip! now that my parents have moved i dont make it back to asheville hardly ever! glad you guys had a good time!