Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Karly started her preschool class last Thursday and absolutely LOVES it!! The only thing I am worried about is that every new friend she tells me about is a boy. I asked her why she really didn't play with the girls and she said "boys are more fun." ha ha ha, that girl cracks me up:) This should be a great year for her.

After I picked Karly up on Thursday, this is where I headed....

THE BEACH!! My mom and I had our annual beach trip together, and as always it was FANTASTIC. We sat on the beach, went out to dinner, played putt-putt(where I had 4 hole-in-ones) and went shopping. What could be better?? I did miss Stephen and the kids, but it is nice to get a break once in while, especially when I get to do it with one of my best friends:)
Thanks mama for a wonderful trip, I love you!!

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