Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We love to dance!!!

OK, As I said yesterday I have some silly videos. Our family loves music and we love to dance, so while Stephen was rockin out, I decided to film him:) I wish we had sound on our camera, but the song he is dancing too is "Teenage Wasteland" by The Who (which my kids love and sing it) and the second video, Stephen knew I was recording , but still wanted to bust it out with Hailey anyway. Karly also wanted to join the fun. Kaleb was dancing, but didn't want to be on camera. The song on that video is "Girlfriend" by Avril Levine. Oh, Stephen is wearing a bike helmet, and yes he still is smokin hot!



Again, I wish there was sound, but they are still fun anyway!


Sarah said...

Wow, those videos just MADE my night...HILARIOUS!!! You guys are great!

K.Q. said...

Too too funny!! I love Stephen's bike helmet. Is that in case he gets too crazy?

Burnham Family said...

You guys have a really cute family! Where are you guys living now? Keep in touch!

nc quillers said...

Crazy... but funny!

The Bull's said...

HAHAHA Garrett and I laughed SO hard at this! I love it!!!