Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time to Catch Up!!!

WOW! I have been so lazy with the blog. It just seemed like every time I wanted to blog, something else came up or I just didn't want to do it. So, now you can just sit back and enjoy the update. OK, lets see.... mission, baby, birthday, beach, fair, and Halloween. Here I go!

Mission- Well, my little brother Kyle left for his mission early on Oct. 15th. We had a family dinner at Outback the night before, and then went to the Stake President where he was set apart. It was really neat because the kids were there to see him get set apart and then after say goodbye. All the kids gave him hugs and told him they would miss him, but Hailey would not let go. She just kept holding on, and Kyle started crying which made me cry. It was such a sweet moment. The next morning, my parents came to get me at 5am and we left for the airport. Since it was so early, my 2 older brothers, my parents, and I were the ones to go see him off. We gave our hugs, shed a few more tears and said goodbye. Kyle is doing great and is now in Colorado. I am so proud of him and I love him tons!

Baby- Hmmm, what could baby mean?? Oh yeah, I am pregnant....again:) Yes, that is right baby #4 is on the way. I had my first doc. appt. on Oct.15th and everything is going great. My due date is May 23rd. I have to say that this pregnancy was a surprise, but I guess Heavenly Father knew this little spirit needed to come. I haven't been feeling to great, but that is slowly fading as I am now approaching 12wks. The kids are super excited and cannot wait for their new baby to come.

Birthday- So, Oct. 15th was a busy day, b/c that was also my birthday!! I am now 25 yrs. old! My birthday was fantastic, thanks to my wonderful husband who totally spoils me. He stayed up late and decorated the house for me, made me strawberry pancakes for breakfast, scheduled me for a haircut at the salon, took me out to dinner, and got me my favorite dessert... cookie cake:) oh, he also got me flowers and took care of the kids and I didn't have to lift a finger!! Yea, sorry ladies he is all mine! And, he bought me the Harry Potter movies, and some new work out pants. Seriously, he is the greatest!! My family also spoiled me, the gave me some more movies that I had wanted and my parents bought me some new camp chairs. It was a fantastic birthday!!

Beach- My family had a free weekend at a beach house, so we went Oct. 16th -19th. It was wonderful. That Friday the weather was great and we sat on the beach all morning. The adults played football (Stephen, my dad and I won) and the kids played in the sand. Stephen and my brother Brent went in the ocean and Hailey soon followed. It was too cold for me! That night, we celebrated my birthday, my mom and my nephew Sean's birthday. Saturday, the temperature dropped and it was rainy, but we still had fun. We went to the aquarium, and a boat museum, and then out to dinner. Sunday we went to the point of Emerald Isle and the kids flew kites. It was such a fun, relaxing trip!

Fair- Oh how I love the NC State Fair!!! It is seriously one of my favorite things to do in October. We got there at noon and left at 10:30pm. It was a blast. The kids rode rides, played with the animals, got loaded up with stickers, and we all ate lots of delicious foods! My favorites this year were the ham biscuits (as usual) and the ribbon fries, which were a mix between potato chips and fries, YUM! Of course I have craved them ever since and can't get them anywhere! The highlight for me is the FIREWORKS!! This is why we stay all day. I would love to drive out to fair grounds every night just to see them! It was a fabulous day and I can't wait for next year!

Halloween-This was good Halloween. The kids had decided what they wanted to be and actually didn't change their minds. Kaleb was Harry Potter, Hailey was Hermione, and Karly was crookshanks(Hermione's cat). They looked awesome!!! We went to my parents neighborhood first and took the kids around, and then headed to our ward party. Kaleb won the costume contest and was so happy. I think he was more happy to get the trophy. The kids played some games, Hailey won a 2liter soda for the ring toss, they went through the spook alley, which Kaleb did not like, and then did Trunk-or-Treat, where they got loads more candy! Karly was so cute she would hold out her bucket, smile when she got candy, and then did the sign language for thank you. Oh, and Stephen was a basketball player and I was a referee, I know very original for us:) Overall it was a great Halloween!

Oh my goodness, that was a lot of typing. I have just put together a slide show of everything so I hope you enjoy!

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Sarah and Devin said...

What fun pictures! You have been one busy lady! The beach looked like a ton of fun! I'm glad your bro is doing well in CO!

Jenny Ramsey said...

it's about time you updated....geesh katie, it isn't as if you have stuff going on. :)
miss your guts!

Erin said...

Congratulations on Baby #4!

kelley said...

Hey girl! Congrats on the new baby!!!