Friday, December 19, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

This past week has been busy, but also a lot of fun! I was going to just post the pictures with each event, but then just decided to do a slide show. Ok, on Sunday we had a little get together with some friends of ours and their families. First, the kids dressed up and acted out the nativity story. Hailey was Mary, Kaleb was Joesph and Karly was a little lamb:) Stephen was an angel, but I didn't get any pictures of that. The other kids there were Shepard's and wise men. All the kids did great and had a lot of fun. I was really proud of Hailey, Kaleb and Karly, b/c the listened to the story and did what they were supposed to. I loved watching them. After that we went and decorated gingerbread houses, which was awesome. The kids really did a good job, but also ate a lot of candy. I thought we took more pictures of the houses, but I only got Kalebs. It really was a fun night. Monday, for family home evening we read from the scriptures and then made some yummy pretzel candy. I have to say that a borrowed the pretzel candy idea from a friends blog(thank you Jessica). The kids did a good job and really had a blast making them. It was super easy and we loved eating them the next day. On Tuesday, Kaleb had a "Carol Sing" at his preschool, so Stephen, my dad, Karly and I went. Kaleb did sing, but only parts of the songs. He still looked very cute up there. I did get video and that is below.

Click to play Kaleb Jingle Bells
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Hailey has done these programs, but it was a lot fun to watch Kaleb do them this year. Also, on Tuesday, Hailey had a basketball game. Stephen is her coach and they have a great time. Hailey has some good skills, but she is also a little spacey:) I do love to watch her play though, here is a little video of her playing.

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On Wednesday we had the most exciting news!! We went the doctor for an ultrasound and found out we are having a.......BOY!!! We are all so happy, especially Kaleb. He kept saying that is MY baby brother, he is going to be my best friend. It was so sweet. Hailey and Karly are just as excited. So, now we are even 2 girls and 2 boys:) It was so cool to see the baby and listen to the heartbeat. He kept putting his fingers in his mouth, I loved it!!

Thursday the kids had dentist appointments and neither had cavities! The dentist said that the kids have great teeth. Sorry, I don't have pictures of that:) We really have had a great week and look forward to Christmas!!!! Whoo hoo, Christmas is in 6 days!! I love this time of year!

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Sarah and Devin said...

Yay for another little boy Beckstrand!! (I knew it! haha) Any names picked out yet?
Sounds like yall had alot of fun this week! Hailey is going to be a little balla like her mama!

Jan said...

So how do you make pretzel candy? It looks delicious!! :-)

nc quillers said...

Yay! A Boy! That's fun.
I love watching Hailey play basketball. She only had her arms down when she was running. It was adorable. Good thing she put them down though as she might have fallen like the girl on the other team did.

Jessica B said...

Congrats on another boy! Girl, boy, girl, boy is perfect. How did you work that out?