Monday, December 1, 2008

Random Things and Thanksgiving

Well, things around here are going alright. I guess you can say we are hanging in there. I would ask that you all would say some prayers for our family, as Stephen is out of a job. The company he was doing contract work for cancelled his contract suddenly, after telling him they wanted to extend the contract through January. We are doing ok, but would love the prayers. So, now on to some happier things...

About a week ago, I was getting the kids ready for bed and Kaleb looks at me and says, "Mommy, you're prettier than sparkles." It just made me feel so good. My little boy is such a sweetie!

On Monday Hailey lost her first tooth, finally. I say finally b/c this tooth has been loose since September! The girl was so excited. It was like, this was the most exciting thing that ever happened. She put the tooth under her pillow and the tooth fairy gave her 4 quarters. No other teeth are loose, but she does check everyday.

I love Thanksgiving, it really is one of my favorite holidays. I think it is b/c my mom cooks the best dinner ever, and we all hang out as a family. This Thanksgiving was wonderful! We stared off the day watching Stephen play in the turkey bowl with men from our ward. Stephen did great, and had a lot of fun. The kids had fun riding their bikes and scooters around the track at the field. After that we showered, packed our bags and headed to my parents. My mom was already under way with the food and so we ate a light lunch and watched some football. I made the chocolate pie and my mom finished up the cooking. I do have to add that my dad makes the best sweet potato casserole and that is something I also look forward to:) Dinner was fantastic and I ate so much! After dinner had settled we had some pie and watched "Get Smart". Then off to bed early, b/c my mom and I get up to go shopping on Friday!
Black Friday is so much fun to me. My mom and I get up around 4:30am and head to Wal-mart. We do not wait in line and usually get toys and maybe a few other things. It was crowded, but nobody was pushy or rude, and we really didn't have to wait to check out. Next, we head to Target, which is always so nice! They have a ton of people working, who are ready to help when you need it. I easily got what I needed and was done by 7:30am. We also go the mall, but wait till later and take the kids and husbands with us. It was great and I got all my Santa gifts and all of Stephens gifts. The weekend was fun and now I am looking forward to Christmas!


Sarah and Devin said...

Aww...prettier than sparkles. That is so adorable! I'm glad you had good fortune on black friday...we went to brier creek where it was insane, and the lines and crowd took away my will to shop = )
You guys are in our prayers Katie!!

Jenny Ramsey said...

A. black friday? 4:30 am? WALMART??you are insane woman.
B. i just love you
C. you are absolutely in our prayers and just realize you are not alone in this situation. :)
D. you and stephen are wonderful people. i know the Lord will provide.

nc quillers said...

You are prettier than sparkles.

I hope things work out with Stephen and work sooner than later.

*Okay I was just getting ready to post this, and the word verification I had to put in was, "bitshh." I think that's a little too similar to another word. Let's get on top of that BLOGGER!