Monday, February 16, 2009

Basketball and Valentines

What a wonderful Valentines Day we had!! The day started off early with church ball at 8am. All went well, and it was so nice to have Stephen there with me for a change. I had a good game and scored 8pts. Yes, I still play and will continue to play as long as the doctor says it is ok. After church ball we had Hailey's basketball team lunch and trophy ceremony. That was a lot of fun and Hailey loved getting a new trophy. When that was over we headed back home to watch..... basketball! NC State was playing and we love watching the games. And yes, State won!! So, when the game was over we decided we should start celebrating Valentines day:) Stephen and Kaleb had bought flowers for the girls, which are so pretty. It was so sweet to watch Kaleb give the flowers to his sisters. Then, the kids received some treats from my parents, and Stephen made them some really cool cards and we gave them some candy. When all the gifts had been handed out, we headed to dinner at Champps ( a sports restaurant, where we watched more bball). I love having dinner with all the kids and it really makes Valentines special for me. After dinner, we headed home and put the kids to bed and Stephen and I had special ice cream cake desserts for each other. It was such a fantastic way to end Valentines.

So happy to have her trophy

All of their Valentine goodies

My husband spoils me!
As a little side note, I just have say again that I have the greatest husband!! Stephen really does spoil me and I am so thankful to have him!! I love you Stephen!

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