Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just Life

Well, again I have slacked on my blogging. But, honestly not much has been going on, however since I do kind of use this as my journal, I should try to write more often. Anyway, this has been a pretty busy, fun and crazy week. Monday we had a fun family home evening of couch jumping, and then making Valentine cards for Elder Garrison. We really did have a good time.

Tuesday started off fun with Karly and I going to my friend Christina's house. Christina took some fabulous photos of Karly. They really are great, Thanks Crickett!!! You can click on the link on the right hand side of my page to view them or go to and enter the blog. After the shoot, the kids played and I had fun talking with my friend. After the fun morning we headed off to pick up Kaleb and then home for nap and quiet time. Karly did take her nap, but Kaleb was having a rough afternoon and it was driving me crazy. I called Stephen and he came home and took over with Kaleb and I got Karly up and we left to pick up Hailey from school. So, I was already frustrated, when on the way to get Hailey a tow truck rear- ended me!! Thank goodness it wasn't bad, but just a hassle to deal with. Since Stephen was at home, I called him to go get Hailey and then he met me where the accident was. Once the accident stuff got all handled, we rushed to my parents house (thanks for dinner mom and dad) and then off to Hailey's last basketball game!! Hailey had a great game and she SCORED!!! She hadn't scored all season and finally made 2 baskets!!! I was so proud of her. She had the biggest smile on her face. After our game, Stephen had to stay and referee the next two games, so I loaded up the kids and went home. By this time I wasn't feeling to great and was just ready to sleep.

Which brings us to Wednesday...

Of course, I didn't sleep to great Tuesday night, so I woke up sore on Wednesday. I was also feeling dizzy. I called the doctor and told them about the accident and how I was feeling so they wanted me to come in that afternoon. Which was fine, but I did have to go the grocery store. Since I wasn't feeling to hot, my sweet husband offered to go with me, he did offer to just to the shopping, but I am kinda of picky about groceries so it was just perfect to have him come with me:) After shopping we went and had lunch with my dad (the kids and I eat lunch with my dad every Wednesday, it is great). After lunch we went home for a little rest before the doctor. We headed to the doctor and everything was fine with me and the baby, he told me to just take it easy. The rest of the afternoon was pretty relaxing and I was starting to feel better. Thanks mostly to my wonderful husband, who spoils me to much and took the kids out of the house. That night we all gathered around the TV to watch the news where Hailey's basketball team was on the pint sized sports segment on NBC 17. It was so fun to watch, b/c Stephen, Hailey and Kaleb all got on. Stephen is Hailey's coach and he does a great job. They did this segment for a promotion for the Duke vs. Carolina game. We got to choose which team we wanted to be, and since our family is Wolfpack fans...we didn't want to be either:) However, we had to choose, so we choose the lesser of the two evils...Carolina. Stephen did wear his NC State sweatshirt though:) One thing that didn't get on the segment, was when the guy asked the kids who they were going to cheer for, Hailey said "Neither, I cheer for NC State!" Ahh, I love my girl. Here is the link where you can watch the segment . Oh yea, Wednesday morning Hailey lost another tooth. Which brings the count up to two, a top one is also loose. It was also the 100th day of school, so we made a shirt with 100 hearts and circles.

Today, Thursday has been fun. I took the kids to school this morning and then Karly and I headed to the park for a walk and then to play. The weather has been so nice and it was just beautiful this morning. I had a good walk, and then Karly had a blast on the playground. I really wish I had my camera with me, b/c she is so cute. She is also a really good climber, I loved to watch her climb up and then go down the slides. The rest of today was nice.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and Stephen doesn't have to referee that night or Saturday! It will be nice to have him with me during the day Saturday at church ball.

I was going to just post pictures on here, but this turned out longer than I thought, so I am just posting a slide show.

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