Thursday, April 2, 2009

Haircuts, Sickness, and Birthday..Oh my

So, Hailey and I went to get our haircuts last Tuesday, and Karly was going to go on Thursday (her birthday). Hailey was so excited b/c I got her out of school early and it was just me and her. We go the spa/salon for our cuts, so it is really fun and we get pampered:) When they called Hailey, they asked if she wanted me to go back with her and she thought for a minute and said, "no, I can do it." I seriously almost cried, I can't believe my little girl is growing up. When it was my turn, I passed by where she was and she just smiled and continued talking to her stylist. I was so proud of her, b/c she told him (yes, she had a guy) exactly what she wanted, right at her neck with some layers. It looks awesome, and she loves how easy it is for her to do. Oh, and I love my cut too.
I was planning on taking Karly to get her haircut on Thursday for her birthday. Both Hailey and Kaleb are in school, so it was going to be our special trip. However, Wednesday evening I become really sick. Around dinner I felt nauseous and didn't eat, and just continued to feel crappy. Around 9pm I started throwing up and that didn't stop till about 5:45am Thursday morning. Thank goodness I have the worlds greatest husband, b/c he not only got up with me when I was sick, but also got up the next morning to put up decorations for Karly and get the kids ready for school. I called the doctor and of course they told me to come in. So, he took the kids to school and then being the wonderful daddy and husband that he is, took Karly to the salon for her haircut. I had already called my fabulous father, (who stayed home just to see if I needed any help), and he drove me to the doctor. I was completely dehydrated, so I need to get started on the IV fluids immediately. My dad stayed with me until Stephen got there with Karly ( her hair looks awesome, and she did a great job) and then he took Karly home with him. I was really upset b/c I felt like I was ruining her birthday, but she had the best birthday ever spending the morning with daddy and then the whole afternoon with Papa. I had to have 3 bags of IV fluid and be at the doctor for 5hrs. Stephen stayed with me the whole time:) I am just so thankful for him and my family for helping out when I needed it, I am really blessed. I was fine on Friday, just tired and I haven't had any problems since. Here is picture of Karly's cute hair.

We did get to celebrate Karly's birthday on Friday with just our little family and on Saturday with my whole family. Friday night we went to Chuck E Cheese and had a blast and then on Saturday we met everyone at my parents house for pizza, presents and cake. Karly had so much fun both nights and I can't believe my little girl is 2! Karly loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse, so that was theme of her party. I just put a slide show together of the fun festivities. Oh, Saturday we also had my fantastic and very talented friend Sarah take some family pictures of us, they are so awesome. When I get the CD, I will post some more. Ok, I think that about wraps everything up for now:)

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Penny said...

Glad you're feeling better. I had to have IV's with Sophie a couple of times. I was sick the entire pregnancy with her. Your kids are gorgeous. You guys are great parents.

Sarah and Devin said...

Yay for Karly! Her birthday looked like lots of fun! So glad you are feeling better = )

Jenny Ramsey said...

ucky! sounds like food poisoning to me. i am soooo glad you are better. the girls look gorgeous (though i must say i am ever so slightly jealous....suzy and i will not be getting haircuts together for a while i'm afraid). :)