Thursday, April 30, 2009

Making Room

With our new addition on the way we needed to get our rooms in order. We were hoping to move into a bigger house this summer, but as Stephen was out of job for so long we are staying in our 3 bedroom townhouse. We decided to have all 3 kids in one room, and the baby would have the smaller room. We did a bunch of cleaning and got rid of a lot of stuff, but it was worth it. I like how the rooms are. We already had bunk beds and my fabulous husband built a trundle bed, and the kids love it. Here are some before and after of the rooms...

this is the kids room

baby's room
There are still a few things left to be done, but I am not going to stress over it:) I guess it is a good thing we did a big clean up, because after many talks and prayers we have decided to move back in with my parents. We plan on moving in August and staying for a year. It will help us pay off some debt and build our savings back. I will have more updates on this venture as it unfolds:) No other major news now, all is well and we are just waiting for new little on to come.


Anonymous said...

But your parents are so cool, so it should be fun. Coming from someone who shudders to think about moving back in with her parents. I would move in with your parents though. :) If they'd have me.

nelsonjeneen said...

I love how you redid the rooms. It makes you feel so much better as a mom to have things reorganized. Troy and I just did that this past week (went thru their clothes too) and it sure does feel good. Good luck these next two weeks.
PS I miss playing bball with you ladies

Jenny Ramsey said...

an update!! FINALLY!! everything looks so cute and yay for moving back and saving some money....think they have room for 6 more??
hope i get to see you soon. keep us posted with the new little man and let us know if you need help moving. we love you!!