Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Fever

The weather this past week was fantastic!! We have played outside everyday. I love spring and all the pretty flowers, and everything just seems fresh and new. I don't even mind "spring cleaning".

We went to the park the other day for a picnic lunch and to play on the playground...

Kaleb was with his friend Nathan in the woods. They were playing pretend battle. They have such a good imagination.

We also went to the science museum with Kaleb's preschool class. The museum is great, the kids love it and best of all it is FREE!! They have asked to go back several times

On Wednesday we celebrated my brother Brent's birthday!! He turned the big 3-0!!!

Brent is....

a great brother

a wonderful uncle

and just an all around fantastic guy!!!

PS: I just had to throw this picture in:)

oh, how I love my family!

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