Sunday, June 13, 2010


This past week was awesome! Kaleb had his birthday, Hailey finished up school, and we just did a lot of fun things all together. Wednesday we had the whole fam over to celebrate Kaleb turning 5! We had pizza, and thanks to a last minute pickup from grandma, a pinata, presents and cake. Kaleb loved it. I think the pinata was everyone's favorite, all the kids were having a blast hitting the thing. Kaleb's favorite gift by far was his new Nintendo DS, and the Lego Indiana Jones game. He has been playing that thing like crazy. I am just so glad he had a great time and I still cannot believe my little boy is 5!

Seriously, I have the best family. My husband is just wonderful and my kids are so loving and fun. Yes, we do have problems now and then, but there are so many AWESOME moments that make the not so good ones, disappear.
For Example:

Blake eating an ice cream cone all by himself

The kids playing at Monkey Joe's and totally having a blast!

watching Hailey play SUPER at her t-ball games

Playing all together at Marbles

I am so blessed to have such a fantastic life!!!


Jenny Ramsey said...

your family is so beautiful! miss you guys!

Sarah and Devin said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!

Paulo said...

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