Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Fun

We have just been busy going to parks, pools and museums. I love SUMMER!!

My favorite thing so far this summer has been seeing the kids at the pool. Both Hailey and Kaleb have started jumping off the diving boards at the pool. They both jumped off the 5ft. board and then jumped off the 10ft. board!! I knew Hailey would but was totally surprised when Kaleb did, he just ran off and then swam to the side. Then Hailey did a spin jump off the high dive and Kaleb did a flip off the low dive. I was so proud of them. Karly is still a little timid about swimming without her float, but she does great cannon balls in the baby pool:) Blake also likes to jump in off the side, weather there is an adult there or not. I definitely have to keep an eye on him, but I am glad he loves the water. We just have so much fun!!

HAPPY 4th of July!! I am so proud to be an AMERICAN!!!

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Sarah and Devin said...

wow, hailey and kaleb are brave!! i'm glad you guys have been having so much fun! i hope you guys had a good fourth!