Monday, October 25, 2010

The Fair!!!!

This past Thursday we headed out to the NC State Fair!! I love, love, LOVE the fair. Here is how the day went....

We arrive at the fair about 10:30am and enjoy some ham, sausage, and plain biscuits then head out to watch the bike show and saw some amazing stunts like this...

Then we ate the most delicious ice cream ever, from the NCSU creamery. It's the BEST!!

After ice cream we went off to ride some rides

Took a little walk and learned about farming

We held some baby chicks, ducks and turkeys. And checked out all the other animals

We walked around some more and looked at all the fun things. Then met up with Grandma and Papa and had some yummy food. Who doesn't love ribbon fries, turkey legs, corn on the cob, corn dogs, and cotton candy??

We walked around the exhibit halls and collected stickers(Hailey got the most with 10), and then went on some more rides and played some games.

Lastly we gathered on a hill to see my most favorite thing....FIREWORKS!!!

After the amazing fireworks display, we walked to car to head home. We left about 10:30pm, and had a BLAST!! Can't wait till next year!



Jenny Ramsey said...

oh my goodness, that last picture is too adorable!!! your kids are so brave! we went to the fair a few weeks ago and my kids didn't want to ride anything but the little toddler rides, which actually works out well because rides scare me to death!

Sarah and Devin said...

looks like you had a blast at the fair!!! is that why you weren't at bball that week? : )
i loved looking at all the photos!