Monday, November 1, 2010

A little Halloween and a trip to the Zoo!

I really hope these videos work, fingers crossed!

We had a fun Halloween week. Here are some highlights:

*pumpkin carving with Stephen

*ward trunk or treat

* Stephen being Lord Voldemort and Blake being young Harry (everyone loved it)

* me winning the chili cook off at church!! my chili was so good, no one else even bothered to bring any:)

* helping sew Uncle Brent's Willy Wonka costume, I helped with the jacket, but the vest was all me!!

* watching Harry Potter, baking cupcakes, and handing out candy instead of trick-or-treating AND

* the kids telling me this was the best Halloween!!

The kids didn't have school Friday so I loaded them up and headed to the NC Zoo. We brought Hailey's friend Taylor with us too, she also joined us for trunk or treat. The Zoo was super fun and we had a GREAT time. I think the highlight of the Zoo trip for me was watching the kids faces while at the elk exhibit... it was mating season;) ha ha ha. Ahh, good times.

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Jenny Ramsey said...

love the videos!!! you need to get your cute lil family up to visit!!