Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Virginia, Karate and Washington..Oh my

This past week was busy, but way fun! On Monday, my kids started Karate and they are doing so good!! I have been so proud of them. Hailey is really good and does the punches and kicks awesome. Kaleb is super, I have been really impressed by how well and he listens to the teacher and then does it!! He is very well coordinated for two and does as well as the older kids. It is so fun to go watch them. On Tuesday we headed out to VA to meet up with a friend of mine from college who I hadn't seen in 5yrs!!! She has 3 kids too, so it was a blast. Stephen hang out with us for a while and then he continued on to DC to pick up his sister Kellie and her husband Garrett. The kids and I stayed and played with Jenny and her family:) We got home at midnight! We had so much with Kellie and Garrett, it was nice to have some family come and visit. The kids especially loved being with them. On friday we left to head back to DC b/c Kellie and Garrett were leaving on Saturday. We stopped in good ole Buena Vista so Kellie could show Garrett around and visit some friends. It was great, Stephen and I showed the kids where we met and had our first kiss:) And since no students were there we could go up to the dorms. Oh what memories it brought back!! After BV we headed up to DC to our hotel (thanks for that K&G). Saturday we went to DC and saw the sights and went to the museum of natural science, which was way cool! It really was such a great trip!!! After that we took Kellie and Garrett to the airport and headed home. We stopped and ate dinner at a nice restaurant, so it took us longer to get back. We got home at 2am sunday morning, and went straight to bed!! Sunday, of course was Mothers Day, and my sweet husband took great care me. It was also Stephen and I sixth anniversary(double bonus for me)! I am so thankful that I have such an amazing husband!! After 6yrs., I am still so totally in love with him. He makes me so happy and he is just AMAZING....an amazing husband, and an amazing father!! Stephen, I love you! Well, I know this is really long, but I hope you throughly enjoyed it:) Real quick, the scrapbook, slideshow pictures are so fun and I loved making them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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Jennifer said...

Katie I just love all your pictures! Your kids are getting so big- I can't believe it! And of course they're just as cute as they can be! I love Haley's new hair cut! She does "totally look older" :)

nc quillers said...

Looks like great fun. And great pictures too!