Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fathers Day

We had a great Fathers Day!! It was our Stake Conference at church, so we were able to go early and just have the afternoon to rest and enjoy being together as a family. Also, the Stake Presidency was being released so we had Elder Bednar there of the quorum of twelve. I was able to meet him and it was so great to hear him speak!! Ok, back to Dads Day:) Since we were rushing to get ready for church, we didn't really do a breakfast, but we were still able to give him his gifts that morning, which he loved. After conference we went to my parents house to just chill and hang out before dinner. Then my sis in law family came over and we had a big Fathers Day dinner with everyone. It was so fun!! Stephen is such a wonderful father and husband. I am so lucky to have him. The kids love playing with him, and he is so great at coming up with games and making the kids happy. I love when he comes home from work and the kids race to give him a hug before he even makes in the door, even Karly will try to run and the start saying "da da" till he picks her up. He really is so good with the kids and he always is so willing to help around the house and take care of the kids when I need a break. Seriously, he is perfect and I love love him to death!!!!

take one- Kaleb was not too happy

take two- a pretty cute shot

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gvnsmm said...

i have total picture envy. all three kids and the hubby looking at the camera and smiling at the same time.....oh to be you katie!!!
:) love you and hope to visit soon.