Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Karate, Bumps, and The Mudcats

Well, this is going to be a pretty long post, mainly b/c of the pictures. I hope you will stick with reading it:) First....Karate! Hailey and Kaleb have been taking Karate for a little over a month now and they love it. Last Friday they had a promotion ceremony and both kids received new belts. They now have yellow stripe belts. I am so proud of them, they really do such a good job listening to the sensei (teacher) and following directions. Plus, they both are really good!! It is so fun to watch them do punches, kicks and blocks. Here are the pics of the ceremony, sorry some are a little blurry. Kaleb getting his new belt
Kaleb shaking hands w/ the Karate Master and Hailey getting her belt
My little Samurais
You better watch out

OK, second....Bumps! Monday night the kids and I went to watch Stephen umpire his last game of the spring season. We had to leave early b/c a big storm came through, but we still watched most of the game. Stephen had to stay and wait to make sure the game was going to be canceled for sure. So, I took the kids home and got them all ready for bed, PJ's on, teeth brushed, etc... We said our family prayer and then started giving hugs. Well, Kaleb was going to hug Karly, but Hailey was hugging Karly, and he didn't want to wait. I told him to be careful and don't pull on her, just be patient... he wasn't and he pulled at her and then kind of pushed her down ( it was an accident) and her head hit the wall. OUCH!! She was bawling and her head immediately bruised and swelled up. Hailey and Kaleb were both crying b/c they were scared, I think mostly of me:) and worried for Karly. At that point, Stephen came home and helped me get everyone calm and thankfully Karly did not have a concussion. By the way, Karly is one tough chick!!!

Here are a couple of pics... they don't do it justice, it was a lot worse
Here is Kaleb giving his sister loves and feeling really bad for hurting her
And last but not least.....The Mudcats! Tuesday, my whole family (minus one) went to The Mudcats baseball game. It was a blast!! The kids loved being with their cousins just cheering, laughing, and dancing. You should have seen Hailey dance, she gets so into it and does quite well:) Also, the kids would laugh when they did a silly noise over the sound system, like if a batter hit a foul ball. It was so funny and they had they people sitting around us laughing too. They are so silly sometimes. It really was so much fun and I can't wait to go again!
Karly climbing the rails waiting to go into the game
The kids having fun! Me and my boy
My super fabulous and beautiful parents!! I love them so much!!!!!
I hoped you enjoyed reading!!!


gvnsmm said...

such a cute family katie!!! those beckstrands sure make pretty babies!

Anonymous said...

Fun pictures Katie ... I found your blog off of facebook. So we are all moved in to Chapel Hill and we are loving it. It's nice being back in NC! Doreen doesn't want my southern high school accent to come back, so I'm going to have to try hard on that one. J/k Anyways, we have a blog too:

These things are cool for keeping in touch, huh?! Hope you guys are having a fun summer! Nothing beats a fun Mudcats game!

The Couey's said...

hey katie! i ran into your blog (hope you don't mind) it's too cute! your oldest girl looks just like you! she's so cute! well in fact your whole family is adorable!