Thursday, June 5, 2008

Memorial Day

We had such a fun Memorial Day!! Do I have pictures of, I forgot my camera!! Hopefully you will be able to imagine it in your minds as I describe it:) So, first off we slept in..ok I got up the usual time, but Stephen slept in b/c no seminary. We loaded up the kids and went to the baseball field and hit some softball. I had so much fun!! I forgot how much fun softball was. The kids were great and had a blast. We didn't have the small bats so the kids hit with our bats, and they did really well. I was impressed. Karly just walked around and played in the dirt. It was a hot day, which was perfect since we were going swimming at our pool with some friends. Swimming was fun, but the water was still SO cold!! Seriously, I played with kids and my legs never got comfortable in the water. The kids didn't care, but when we left they were shivering and had blue lips. I thought for sure Karly would fuss about the water, but she was so chill!! She just floated around in her little float. Even when the kids and their friends were splashing, she just laughed and kept on floating. After that we went home and rested for a bit before heading to my parents for a cookout. My whole family was there and the missionaries from our ward. It was great. My dad made BBQ chicken, oh my it was delicious!! He made his own BBQ sauce and I think he should sell it... it is that good!!! The kids loved playing with my brothers boys and jumping on the trampoline. It was just so nice to be together as a family!!! It really was a fantastic day!!

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