Monday, August 4, 2008

Basketball and Twilight!!!

So, we had a fun weekend. I went to the Breaking Dawn release party Friday and got my book. And, Saturday Stephen had a basketball tournament. Ok, so Breaking Dawn,(and no I will not give out spoilers), my friends and I got together Wednesday and made shirts to wear to the party and had a blast doing it. Friday, I went to Barnes and Noble and met up with my friends and enjoyed the festivities of the evening. I got my book at midnight and started reading...I was only planning to stay up till 2:30am, but I didn't go to sleep till about 4:45am!!! Crazy I know, but I didn't want to put it down. Saturday rolls around and my truly wonderful husband brought me breakfast in bed, so I could read!! Yes, he is that great!!! I read pretty much all morning and most of the afternoon(Stephen, brought me lunch too)!! Then we headed to the basketball tournament to watch Stephen(more details later). After a long,but enjoyable day of basketball I went home to read and no, I was too tired to stay up past 11pm. I did read Sunday before church and then finished the book Sunday after church! Whew, that was a lot of reading, but well worth it. I was surprised by the book, but really loved it!!!! All this reading would not have been possible without my amazingly fantastic hubby. He entertained the kids all weekend so I could just read!!! He is the best!!

Here is the "Vampire Girl" shirt I made

Ok, my other favorite thing...Basketball!! I love to play and I love to watch, especially Stephen!! A friend of ours asked Stephen to play with him and some other guys from the Stake in a Hoops for Hope Charity basketball tournament. It was an all day thing. Stephen wasn't supposed to be there till 3pm. However when we got there his first game wasn't until 4:20pm. We stayed and watched. Then we find out they were running behind, but we stayed anyway and I took the kids to a playground there. His game didn't start till 6:00pm!! It was a good game though, they were playing the champs from last year, and they killed them by 30pts.!!! Stephen didn't miss a single 3 pointer ( he had six total), and scored about 28pts. After that game they had another game right after it. They won, but it was a little closer. Stephen still did awesome and scored the lay up to pull them ahead!! Next the championship, but they did get a break. So, it was about 8pm, and we took the kids home and put them to bed and my neighbor came over so I could to the game. The championship was really close, and the guys were tired,but....they WON!!!! and again Stephen scored the last bucket to pull ahead!!! I was so proud of my hubby and I love watching him play.

Stephen and the rest of the team!! Way to go guys!


The Smiths said...

Oh Katie! Your family is beautiful. I wish I was in Raleigh so we could meet up sometime and let the kids play! How have you been I haven't talked to you in forever!

Ramseys said...

niiiiiiiiiiice shirt my friend.