Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fishing and Shooting, Beach trip,Soccer,Birthday, and School...Whew!

So, I know you all have been waiting to see what is going on in the life of the Beckstrand family. Well, wait no more... here goes!
Fishing and Shooting- a few weeks back Stephen took the kids out to do some fishing in a pond and then shoot some guns. My dad, brother Kyle, and other brother Derek and his family all went. I wanted to go, but I already had plans to take a friend out to lunch for a baby shower. The kids had a blast!! Both Hailey and Kaleb caught a fish (Karly just walked around and watched), and both shot a pistol and a rifle! Stephen, said they did really well and Kaleb especially loved the "shoot guns". I can't wait to go with them next time
Beach Trip- My fabulous mother and I took our annual mother/daughter trip down to Myrtle Beach and had so much fun!!! My mom wanted to go before she had to get back to school, so we took off and left the husbands and kids at home!! We had two beautiful days at the beach and enjoyed every minute of it. We went out to dinner, watched a baseball game and went to the movies. I think the highlight for me (next to the beach, of course) was staying up till 2am watching the Olympics together and laughing because we couldn't get to sleep. Oh, good times. I love my mom so much, she is the BEST!
Soccer- Hailey started soccer last Saturday and she did great! It was so HOT!! Her team has a little practice before they scrimmage each other. They rotated positions, and she got to be goalie. She did so well and stopped the other team from scoring. I was very proud of her. I forgot to get some pictures up, but I will get more later.
Birthday- My little brother Kyle turned 19 this past Sunday. I can't believe it!!! We had a fun celebration on Saturday with the family. We all went bowling and then went back to my parents house for ribs and cake. YUM YUM! Bowling was so fun. The kids were hilarious getting their bowling balls down the lane. It seemed to take forever for them to hit the pins. And then they were going so slow, I was afraid they wouldn't knock any down. No worries though, they did great! I still can't believe he is 19 and leaving for his mission in October!! love ya Kyle.
Ah, last but not least School- my baby, my Hailey started Kindergarten!! I think that it finally hit me that she is growing up. She didn't want me to walk to her in, she wanted to do the carpool. So, I pulled up, said goodbye and off she went, and me... I pulled off crying. Hailey is such wonderful girl and I am so proud of her.
Well, that about wraps it up, hopefully I won't wait so long to post next time. Enjoy the slide show.
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Sarah and Devin said...

I think it's so cool you and your mom go to the beach together! What a great tradition! I loved the pics--Hailey looks so grown up, and that picture of you and stephen is awesome--you look gorgeous!!