Monday, August 11, 2008

Proud to be an American!!! and Colorado

I am having so much fun watching the Olympics. It actually has surprised me how excited I get. Last night watching the men's relay swim team, I was jumping up and down cheering for them and I was so so so thrilled when they won, it was amazing to watch. I am so proud to be a American and it makes me happy to see these athletes representing our country!!! GO TEAM USA!!!!

So, you may be wondering what is up with Colorado, well......... that is where my totally awesome brother Kyle is going on his MISSION!!! He got his letter today and my parents took it to him where he works. They graciously waited for my other brother Brent, me and the kids, and Stephen to arrive before he opened it. Then we called my brother Derek and Kyle opened his letter! It was so amazing to see the signature of the prophet and know that Kyle is going to where the Lord wants him to be!!! I am so proud of my little brother, although he isn't so little anymore. My kids adore him and I am so thankful he is setting a good example to them and serving the Lord. Kyle is going to be a great missionary and I am going to miss him. Good thing he doesn't leave till October. Oh yea, he actually leaves on my birthday!! What a great present!! I love you Kyle!!

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nc quillers said...

Give him our congratulations! I think Rocky might be exicted to hear about that one. Where in Colorado?