Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We had a Merry Little Christmas!

So, I am finally getting around to posting about Christmas! It was fantastic. Santa brought the kids exactly what they wanted:) Hailey really wants a puppy, but neither Stephen and I are big fans of getting a pet. Santa brought her a FurReal puppy and she loves it, she takes it everywhere. Kaleb loves everything Batman, and Santa brought him a Bat Tumbler that also comes with a Bat motorcycle. Of course, he loves it and plays with all the time. Karly loves baby dolls and so Santa brought her a new doll and stroller. The girl takes it everywhere, she even tries to sleep with it, but we told her she could not sleep with the stroller, just the doll. Also, each of them got a new outdoor skating toy. Hailey got roller blades, Karly got roller skates and Kaleb got a skateboard. I was impressed by how well each one did using them. I have posted those videos below. Santa was also very generous to Stephen and I, and we are grateful for our family who loves us and helps with things we need:) We hung out at my parents house all day on Christmas and enjoyed watching the kids play with all their stuff. We also got to talk to my wonderful brother Kyle, who is serving his mission in Colorado. I loved talking with him and hearing his neat stories. He really has grown up. Can't wait till Mothers Day to hear him again. All and all it was a great day! New Years was fun as well. We really didn't do much, which was nice. Stephen and I stayed at home and rang in the New Years together. We actually fell asleep and woke up just in time:) We (actually me) woke up Hailey, b/c I was talking very loud and she came down and had some cider with us. The next day, Stephen played football and we went to my parents house for the traditional, ham, black eyed peas, and collards. It was delicious! We also cleaned the house and took down the Christmas stuff. I love the Holidays and even in hard times, we still had a blast!! Hope you enjoy the videos and sideshow.

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