Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hip Hip Hooray! We had a snow day!! Yesterday was so much fun. We actually had a good amount of snow here in Raleigh. It was about 4"-6" and it was perfect. The kids woke up and were so excited. After breakfast we got are snow gear on and headed out for making snow angels, sledding, and having snow ball fights. All the kids went sledding down our little hill in the back ( I do have videos), it was so cute. Stephen and I even went sledding (sorry no videos of that). My favorite part was just watching the kids enjoy the snow. Here are some pictures and videos.


Three Men and a Little Lady said...

Your kids are so cute!

Sarah and Devin said...

That last video of Karly was so cute...she was covered in snow! What a good sport! Looks like yall had fun!

Jenny Ramsey said...

i'm mad. we live to the NORTH of you and get no snow at all....not fair.