Sunday, November 14, 2010


Why do I blog?? I blog for 2 reasons...
1- So our WONDERFUL family in Utah, and Oregon know what is going on in our lives. We love them dearly, but sadly never get to see them.
2- I keep this blog as my journal, so I can have a record of what my family has done.

I try really hard to blog each week, but sometimes I get lazy or just think that nothing special has happened so I don't need to blog. But, I realized special things happen everyday and I need to record them. So, I decided that I would like to blog every night, and I am going to try really hard to do so. Now I know there will be some nights I can't get to it, but I will at least do more than one a week. When I print out my blog I want to be able to show them to my kids, and remind them of all the fun things they did or said, and how proud of them I am. And yes, I will even blog without pictures:)

Wish me luck!

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Jenny Ramsey said...

i'm excited! i love to read your blog!