Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baseball and Twilight

My parents got tickets to the Mudcats game on Monday and asked if Stephen, the kids I wanted to go. It was so much fun!! We had great seats,practically on the field at the 3rd base side. The kids loved watching the game, Kaleb can't wait to go be a baseball player. I am so mad b/c I forgot my camera so I can't post any pictures:( The kids loved seeing Muddy the team mascot and Hailey was so excited that she got to hug him. Hailey also was quite the dancer!! She was dancing every time the music came on and she actually got on the big screen so everyone could see her!! Karly just ate the whole time, she had a hot dog (yes, a whole hot dog), a bunch of fries, and some funnel cake!! I couldn't believe how much she ate. It really was great, and next time we go, I will bring my camera.

So, I am totally obsessed with the Twilight books. A lot of my friends had read them and said how good they were, so I decided to read them. I finished all three in a week!!! They are so good and I don't know if I can handle waiting till August for the 4th one to come out. They are filming the movie right now in Oregon and I can't wait to see that in December!! It is crazy how good they are. I really cannot stop thinking about it! Ok, so there is my little rant on Twilight, I hope you will go and read the books:)

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nc quillers said...

Did you buy them or check them out? I'm assuming bought since you had all three read in a week. They are always on a wait list at the library. I'd love to borrow them if I can. Juli and Darcy won't stop talking about them. And now your hooked too. I've just gotta get my hands on them.