Monday, April 14, 2008

New and Improved

OK, so as you can see my blog has been beautified! I really wish I could take all the credit for it but, I am not that talented with computer stuff. My totally awesome friend Christina helped me pick out the new background and load up the pictures (which she took, by the way). When we tried to change the background all my stuff got stretched out and out of place, so she fixed that and added some links to other friends pages... yea she is awesome! Then my wonderful husband came home from umpiring and designed our new header and uploaded that! He is the best:) I am now happy to show off our blog, thanks to Christina and Stephen!
Any who, today was a good day. Just another Monday of house cleaning and laundry. This weekend we (meaning Stephen) put our new computer desk together and we are almost done getting our house back in order. We got some new furniture, so we needed to clear out the old stuff. Saturday we watched the movie "August Rush" with my parents and that movie is great. I really wish I had some musical talent. I can play the piano..sort of, usually only the top hand to a song. Our Sunday was fun, the and then my parents house for dinner. Stephen and I played twister with my brother Kyle. Hailey played a couple of times and she was surprisingly really good! That girl can stretch and stay balanced! It really was loads of fun. Well, I can see I have typed a lot again. I hope to update more often so I don't type to much. Enjoy!


Amber said...

Very cool guys! It looks great! Love ya'll!

cat said...

Hey! The blog looks great. It's nice to know what's been going on with you.