Wednesday, April 9, 2008

just stuff

OK, so as you can see I haven't done too much with the blog. Every time I have tried to add pictures they are huge and look funny, so I am still working out the kinks. My friend is going to come over and help me sometime this week, but until then you all can just enjoy what I write:)
Monday we were able to get together with one of Stephens friends from his mission who just moved here about a month ago. We went over to there house and had family home evening and dessert. They have two kids and a baby on the way. It was so much fun and they live like 5min away. There kids are about the same age as Hailey and Kaleb so the kids had a blast. Anyway, while I was getting ready to go over there, my leg started itching really bad in the shower, but I didn't think much of it. I just thought it was a insect bite. Tuesday rolls around and I still itched, but again didn't think much of it. Hailey had fun being back at school, and it was a typical Tuesday. Stephen got home from work and realized he had rolled over a nail and had a flat tire(last week on Tuesday his car broke down, whats up with Tuesday and car trouble), but this was no biggie, put on the spare and get the tire repaired. We had dinner, the kids had a bath, and went to bed. I play basketball on Tuesday nights, so I left about 8:20. Basketball was alright, I got frustrated with some ladies, but that can be for another post. Any who, I took off my ankle brace and started itching again...I was like ok I really should wash this. By the time I got home, I was really itching and said I just need to take a hot shower and get clean. The shower did not help, but made it worse, the itching was so bad, I couldn't stand it. I was like Stephen, what is going on. My sweet husbands responds..." I don't know babe, do think it could be contagious?" So, no help from him, but he did help scratch my legs. So, I get out the shower and I have broken out in Hives!! I didn't know they were hives, till I went and looked it up online. Read what to do (which says do not take hot shower, causes hives to itch worse), took an antihistamine, rubbed on some cortisone and went to bed. Thank goodness they are gone this morning, but I still don't know what caused them, so I hope they don't come back! That was a fun experience, but not quite as fun as this morning..... Kaleb, apparently was up a lot during the night (my sweet husband gets up, b/c I don't hear a thing). He said he threw up, and this morning he threw up again, yes I was able to get him to the bathroom. He tried to eat a little bit of breakfast but wasn't in the mood. He seemed fine, no fever, just tired. We were getting ready to go upstairs and Karly was screaming about something so I picked her up...... Meanwhile, I noticed Kaleb and said "are you going to throw up", Kaleb says shaking his finger at me"no, mommy I don't need to throw up!" I told him to go the bathroom, but of course he knows better;) As, I am getting Karly upstairs I hear Kaleb.....he throws up in the middle of the hall!!! I knew it! I put the girls in their room, toss Kaleb in the tub, and call Stephen. I needed to vent out my frustrations. So, I was angry, Kaleb was crying, and the girls, thank goodness, were playing nicely in their room. As a side note, Resolve Carpet Cleaner.... STINKS!! I sprayed it immediately on the throw up stain and did just what it said, guess what, there is still a stain on the middle of my floor! Kaleb is fine, he hasn't been sick for the rest of the day. He probably just ate something that didn't sit right with him. The rest of the day was fine, and really nice since the weather warmed up. Now, my kids are in bed and Stephen and I can just relax with some popcorn and watch our shows!! I love my life:)


nc quillers said...

Glad Kaleb's feeling better... the joy's of motherhood. Sorry about your leg too. It sounds like you're having a GREAT week!

Two questions (concerning the rest of your blog):
1. Is this mission friend in our ward?
2. If your friend teaches you how to make a cool banner for the top of your page, will you teach me?

nelsonjeneen said...

Welcome to the blogging world. I am going to invite you to our blog!