Thursday, April 17, 2008

Museum, Asparagus, and the park

well, last week Hailey's preschool class had a field trip to the science museum, so I took Kaleb and Karly, we had a blast. Hailey of course loved being with all her friends, she is such a social butterfly. Kaleb, Karly and I had way fun too, I was pleasantly surprised how much Karly enjoyed everything. I am posting some pictures of the excitement:)

Hailey with some of her class (notice the boys, Hailey informed me today that those were her boyfriends)

Hailey and Ellie

Karly is enjoying the little fish

Ok, so moving on to the asparagus, Karly loves asparagus. I mean loves, loves them, she pretty much ate the whole bundle that I bought for dinner the other night. She doesn't just eat them she inhales them. I really don't think I have ever seen a little kid eat something so green. Hailey always tries a bite and gags on them and Kaleb, well he says he likes them, but when I ask him to take a bite, he is a no go. I really couldn't believe how she ate them like it was candy.

Here she is munching away

Last but not least... the park. We went out to Shelley Lake today after I dropped Hailey off at school. We usually have a play group that meets each Thursday. I went walking with Karly, Kaleb decided to stay and play with some friends at the park. It was great! The weather was beautiful, and the kids were having fun. I finished my walk took Karly up to the park and let her play. So, they were just having fun and it was time for lunch. Most of the play group had left except for my friend Erin and her kids. We sat and ate lunch and Kaleb finished and went to play while Karly was still eating. So, I was chilling with Karly when I here... "I have to go potty!" being yelled across the playground. I knew it was Kaleb, so I gave Karly to Erin so I could get Kaleb up to the potty. I had just turned to get Kaleb when I went.."Kaleb! what are you doing?" Yes, he was peeing in the bush right at the front the park! I ran to get him, but he was already midstream, so I couldn't make him stop. He was like "what mommy?" "I had to go potty." Erin was just laughing and honestly so was I. It was funny. I went to get a napkin so he could wipe, which he did and then informs me that I need to wipe the bush too(I didn't). I told him next time we need to go to the inside potty and he went on his merry way! Oh the joys of having a boy, and Kaleb is 110% boy. I love my kids. Sorry, I didn't have my camera for the peeing incident.


Juli said...

love your new blog!! you must teach me how to make mine pretty!!
wish i could get my kids to eat asparagus.
That is soo funny about kaleb peeing at the park.

nc quillers said...

Ever since Troy taught Greyson how to pee standing up, he wants to do the same thing. He loves peeing on the pile of trash at the new house. Thankfully, he'd still prefer to sit at home. I don't think I could handle the mess a "standing boy" could create.