Monday, April 28, 2008

spring cleaning and getting dressed

We had a good weekend and actually had a Saturday with nothing going on! It was nice to get up and realize that I didn't have anywhere to go. We took advantage and decided to get the house cleaned. I cleaned the upstairs and Stephen downstairs. The kids were really a big help. Stephen had made sock puppets, so we put those on the kids and told them that the puppets were dust monsters and needed to eat dust. They went all around dusting the house, it was great! Then they wanted to help wipe down the kitchen with Stephen, which they did. He gave them a wet paper towel instead of the actual cleaning wipe b/c Karly was helping and she would stick it in her mouth, which she did:) I got some good pictures of them helping in the kitchen. I was really impressed with all we got done and super impressed with the kids. After we cleaned I laid Karly down and Stephen took the other kids to the park to play baseball. Hailey is learning to bunt and does really well, and Kaleb just likes to hit and then run all the bases, and he sure can hit. We went to my parents house to dinner, b/c Stephen did have to referee that night. I came home and put the kids to bed and then some friends came over for a Twilight book discussion. Did I mention how much I love those books, it was so great to talk about them. Again, I cannot wait till book 4 comes out in August! Ok, ok enough with Twilight. Here are the cleaning pics. Just wiping away

Kaleb is so excited

Putting Karly to work early

Kaleb has been picking out his clothes and getting dressed all by him self. He usually does a good job. Sunday, however he comes downstairs and says "ok mommy, I am ready for church" I just started laughing and had to take a picture....

so handsome in his church clothes:)

I told him he was missing a few a things, and he just laughed. What a wonderful weekend!

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